You may have seen my previous comfort box, I loved it! However I wanted to make a new one this year, mainly because I’d ran out of chocolate in the box and used up all the air freshener. If I’m honest I’m going to start making a new box every year, I think it’s a great thing to do. When I use it I’m grounded and can calm down and when I’m making the box I’m in the zone and not thinking about all the problems I have going on.

What is a Anxiety Comfort Box?

If you have no idea what a comfort box is then you should carry on reading! A comfort is something made up of everything you love! The idea of the box is to hold everything that you hold dear, stuff that makes you smile and laugh and brings back the memories of the good times. Before I’ve added bubble wrap because it calms me down, a stress ball as well.

It’s a box that you break out in emergencies. That’s why I had chocolate and DVD’s in my previous one. I was able to sit down, have a laugh at social climber (A great film if you’ve not seen it before!) and not worry about anything while munching on chocolate. It all depends on the person you are as to what you stick into your box.

Last year I went with practical, I could find everything that I put in there laying around the house and I didn’t have to break the bank. This year I’ve gone with a touch of luxury. Again it depends on the type of person you are as to what you might like in your box, I just thought that this year if I’m going to be having a hard time, flooded with anxiety attacks and panicking then I could treat myself! The items might seem a little expensive at times but take a look at them yourself and don’t put a price on relaxation. It’s a one time purchase unless you really love them and want to buy more. The main thing is you have them or whatever you want for your box and can use them to relax!

What to put in an anxiety comfort box?


So everyone needs a bit of chocolate when they’re feeling down right? Or at least some sort of comfort food. I’m not talking low calories  or fat free either! I’m talking about something that’s different, super yummy and quirky! I bring to you, Eat Your Hat! A luxury and affordable chocolate collection that will have you craving more! Not to mention the fact that it still has health benefits, all their dark chocolate bars are totally vegan! They use totally ethical ingredients and if you have any questions Colin answers them all in the FAQS!

This chocolate is the perfect treat, as you can see in the video there are various flavours so it doesn’t matter how you’re feeling there will be something to pick you up that you can indulge yourself with.

Eat your hat chocolate

Candles and creams!

If I’m feeling crappy I’ll want the place to smell nice. I’m not going to want to sit in a room with totally no atmosphere at all. I want to smell something that’s going to pick me up, I’m not talking about no pound shop candle either! I’ve found these perfect candles and I stick them straight into my Anxiety comfort box! Yes they’re luxury and not something you spend money on whenever you feel like it. However they’re the perfect treat needed to pick you up when you’re feeling down! I’m obviously talking about Chapel Candles!

Personally I love the Mellifera collection! Not only is the candle amazing but I also love the hand cream that comes with it! The hand cream also goes in the box so that my hands can smell amazing at the same time. That means my whole atmosphere and environment is filled with amazing and relaxing smells to calm me down!

The chapel hand cream and candle

DVD’s Galore!

Whenever I’m stressed, anxious or down I’ll watch a film. Sometimes though I have no idea what to watch and it really frustrates me and can actually make me feel worse! That’s why I’ve put a select few into my box, it means I have less choice and they’re all my favourite films. It means it’s easier for me to pick a film and the whole process will be stress free. I can then enjoy the film with my candle burning and chocolate at hand! I’ve got the same DVD’s in my box as last year because they really are my favourites! If you’ve not checked them out I would encourage you to right away, they are of course Social Climber, First Knight and Assault on Prescient 13.


This one really only works when I’m angry along with stressed and anxious. I’ll pop the hell out of a sheet of bubble wrap and take my anger or frustration out on it. I don’t mean to hurt any bubble wrap but it’s the best way to get it out my system, or just shout really loud although the neighbours might not be impressed with that one?

Bath time

You may have seen the amazing bath oils from the video below. They are amazing, soothing and just what you need to unwind and let the stress go! You hardly have to use any of it to get the full effect as well so they last so long! I’m in love with them and would easily buy more when I’ve used up the ones that I’ve got! You can pick up your own Olverum of course and enjoy a nice, relaxing soak in the bath! I would recommend the travel set even more! Who doesn’t love relaxing when on holiday?!

Olverum bath oils

When should you use your anxiety comfort box?

That’s my box. Nice and packed.  I first noticed that I needed a new box when I had an accident in February. I opened my old one and was a little bored with it, don’t get me wrong the DVD’s and photos still made me laugh and smile but I needed more! Which is why I’m going to start doing them every year, I’m sure that if I had more room in the flat I’d have a couple of them; although then I’d have the trouble and stress of picking which one I wanted to go for one the day so maybe just a new one every year or until it’s emptied?! There are a few items I didn’t talk about in the post although if you check out the video at the bottom you can see everything that I have in my box!

I’m a firm believer in taking some time for yourself and making sure that you’re okay. I hope that this helps someone else, if I can help one person to make their very own anxiety comfort box which then goes on and helps them one day I’ll be over the moon! If it’s a concept that you’ve never heard about before and you love the idea I’m glad.

If you fancy it please check out my other mental health posts, I have a few now. I’m honest and don’t sugar coat anything so be prepared for that. If you feel like watching me and listening to my voice then check out the video below and visit me on YouTube, I’m planning on producing a lot more so it would be great to have you along for the journey!





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