The amazing wonders of the 24/7 chillout place!

So for the last three years now I have been coming to Greece and it is apparent to say that I have found some amazing places and keep going back. 24/7 chillout place is one of these amazing and friendly places where I always leave with a smile. I have spent four weeks in Greece now and need to admit I have eaten at the chill out place easily a minimum of ten times!

Okay so the food is not only good and consistent, the staff are really friendly and as the name suggests chilled out. Let us talk about the food first though. Like I said it is consistent, the food always comes out really nice and the correct temperature depending on what you want. They have a very extensive menu and you can literally pick anything from a gryos wrap all the way to a tuna jacket potato.


Now down to the part that makes the chill out place special, the atmosphere. The cafe is obviously chilled out, the name kinda gives that away. The cafe is open and relaxed, there may be football shirts lined on the Walls but this is in no way a roudy football pub; in fact it just gives the place a different vibe to everywhere else in Argassi and at the same time displays the owners personality.

That bring me to the final chapter, the owners and the amazing staff. Although I am not on first name basis with the owners and don’t send Christmas cards everywhere to the staff I can give my honest judgement. The wholes staff at the cafe are amazing and so accommodating. Want something changing with your food they will try and do it. They always greet you will a smile and unlike other restaurants or cafes they will make sure they are at your table on time and when you need them!


Oh and did I mention they are 24/7!! I haven’t yet found somewhere that is open all the time, don’t hold me to that though. If I was going to give them a star rating for what they are, a 24/7 chillout place that is. I would have to say 5 out of 5. Check them out on trip advisor for more great reviews.

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