I get to a point sometimes where I end up writing so many blog posts and have loads of ideas, it’s great! I then get to a point where I’m sat on the sofa, at my desk or at university in a boring lecture and I can’t think of anything to write! It sucks, writers block is terrible. I sat down and had a good long think, I needed ways in which I could generate blog post ideas without having to spend too much effort.

I mean no one likes to sit around for hours and go through various tasks in order to have an idea for a couple of blog posts. After a couple of days of thinking about all the possible ways I thought of three! Sure it could be more but you get what you’re given in life and you roll with it right? So without keeping you waiting any longer, let us begin!

1, WordPress, thank you wordpress.

So I’m going to imagine that most of you have your blog linked up to wordpress and not something like blogger. If you’re not with wordpress then you might want to skip on ahead, mostly because I have no idea how blogger works. You might even have Jetpack on your wordpress, congratulations; I hate it. I have it but I tend to never use it, why? Because wordpress gives me what I need!

Through wordpress you’ll be able to see your stats, weeks, months and years. Click years and find the part where it says search terms. You’ll be able to see what people have been searching for in order to find your blog posts, yay! This means that from some of them searches you’re hopefully going to be able to create some blog posts from this. It also means that you’re going to be able to create blog posts from terms that have already been searched for and hopefully get some more traffic in the process.

2, congratulations, you’re in a room!

Look around you. It doesn’t matter where you are, you might not even be in your house! Have a look around anyway. Take a good look at the items in your room, for example I have a load of empty bottles in mine, I could write “why I prefer to recycle everything I can” or “where I buy my lemonade cheap for the week”. Two blog posts within 5 minutes just by looking around my room.

See how great that was. Grab a notebook and pen, take a look at your room and write a load of blog posts down. I mean you could even just list a load of the items that you find in your room, walk away and take a look later on at the list. You might think of a load of blog posts off the bat and then you might think of a few more later on! YAY!!

3, Got friends? I have a few.

Use the people around you! I mean I could have made that sound a little better but I couldn’t be bothered. Talk to a friend or family member, you can ask them what you think what they think you should be writing about. You might have a huge list of blog posts by the end of your conversation. You might also find out what someone likes about your blog or doesn’t like, which means you can change your blog to suit more people.

You might not even need to ask them about blog posts. Just have a conversation, you might be able to adapt some blog posts from that, they might be talking about how they think Aldi only have cheap knock off brands that taste like rubbish; go make a blog post and show people wrong! They might be asking where the best place to get cheap but effective nappies would be? See two blog posts write there. So at the end of the day if you know people ask them!

Okay so if you decided to read all of that good for you. I must admit that I probably gave you a load of blog posts right there and if you decide to use them go ahead, maybe a link would be nice?! Either way I hope this post has helped and will help you create some new blog posts in the future.

Like I mentioned before, writers blog can be terrible. Even more so if you depend on your blog as an income and need to think of new ideas in order to get them views up and money flowing. Fingers crossed everything works out well for you and good luck!

3 ways bloggers can generate new blog post ideas!

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