OCD sucks! I’ve spoken before about how OCD doesn’t mean that you like to clean everything and everything has to be germ free, if you’ve not read about that then you should. OCD can have a major impact on your life in more ways than one. It might mean that you have to do something twice, it might mean that your place has to be clean or you can’t stand it being tidy and minimal! It might even mean everything has to be in one place, there’s a lot to cover with OCD but thankfully I’m just going to talk about how it affects blogging.

Don’t worry I’m not going to get all freud on you, what I will say is blogging can be very difficult and to have the added pressure from OCD makes it a hell of a lot worse! Enough about how annoying OCD is, let’s actually talk about it!

A place for everything and for everything its place

It’s common sense to have a menu and make sure everything is in it’s place so that people can find what you’re talking about. That’s a given, however with OCD it can be alot worse! I’ve refined my blog a lot since I started, I had LOADS of headings and sub headings on my blog, it was a nightmare and it took me almost two years to realise, it wasn’t helping! There’s the thing though, I didn’t like merging things. In fact it got to the point where I wanted 10 blogs just so I could talk about everything in their own little bubble!I’ve managed to restrict myself now though, lousnews, cubsontour and freefromsquad. I feel like it’s a nice balance!

In early 2018 I had a little shock, I had unigamer101 up and running and with some good stats. Until it was hacked and I had to shut it down and walk away. It wasn’t a fun process and I’d just had a load of business cards printed all fancy with the URL on it! It was a little wake up call at the same time though. Although my OCD was literally shouting in my ear that I needed all these separate blogs, I didn’t. I’ve moved gaming onto here and I’m focusing more on Twitch and Youtube which is great. With OCD and needing a place with everything I think it’s a good idea to have someone, anyone to talk to that might not be into blogging and that way they can give advice from an outside opinion!

PIctures and content

This probably bugs people who don’t even have OCD but I feel that it’s a little worse for people who do. On average it takes the other half 10-20 mins to edit all his pictures for his blog however I can take 20 mins on one picture to get it perfect; and even then I might hate it still! It’s the little details that people with OCD can worry about, other people might not see it but we do. It’s the same with YouTube pictures. I had to re shoot a whole video the other day because you could see something in the edge of the screen and although most people wouldn’t have noticed, I did!!

I find my OCD creeps in whenever I’m making content though, I’ve got better on Instagram with my stories though and I feel like if you’re trying to break through the ever growing nagging you get from your OCD when creating, instagram is the best place to start. Unlike YouTube or your blog, your audience is a little smaller and normally the ones that really care about you and won’t judge as much!


I think anxiety plays a part here as well if I’m honest. OCD has me clearing out my emails, I spend hours some days categorising everything and making sure they’re in their separate folders, like I said earlier everything needs a place! However with my anxiety I might put off replying to emails as I might not know what to say or not want to look like a loser. That in turn makes my OCD worse and it’s a vicious circle. I don’t know what advice I can give when I still have issues with this myself, I would say maybe try fitting in an hour to answer and file emails every day and that way you might be able to manage them and yourself better?!

I’m hoping that I covered enough there, if there are ways your OCD kicks in when blogging then please let me know and I might amend the post so that more voices are being heard! Blogging, as I mentioned can be tough for any “normal” person, but blogging with mental health can be a mega bitch! However I’d much rather have a funny five minutes because of my mental health than go and get a 9-5 job which I hate. That’s the thing, you need to ask yourself “Is it worth it?” if the answer is yes, great and if not then maybe re-evaluate your job goals.

As always if you feel that you’re suffering from mental health and you don’t know what to do, seek help. Go see your GP because they can sign post you almost everywhere and refer you to the help you need. Without the help from medical professionals and mainly my doctor, I wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t be able to provide the help I am! Check out my other mental health posts for more help and thanks for reading!

3 Ways Struggling With OCD As A Blogger Is Tough!


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