So working from home can actually be rather difficult. The common misconception is that working from home is easy and amazing; this couldn’t be further away from the truth! It is really difficult working from home when you have an endless list of distractions around you. Sure you can take a couple hour out of the day to do housework and then a couple more to make food and reply to emails etc. Then however you have lost half the day?

I devised three different, simple ways that I keep myself focused during the day. Sure I don’t follow them all the time but if I want to get a lot of work done I will try and stick to them as much as possible to achieve maximum efficiency.

1 ~ Get up, get dressed.

So it might seem like a stupid thing to suggest, when you get up make sure you get dressed. No, don’t just chuck on some shorts and flip flops and sink into the sofa expecting motivation to flow through you. Dress yourself like you are going into work, presentable. You wouldn’t go to work in shorts and flip flops unless you work on the beach perhaps. Dress like you are going to work and you will have the same mind set. I found to begin with that I felt a little silly doing this in my own home, after a few weeks however I actually saw an increase in the amount of posts I wrote; so for me it does work!

2 ~ Have a set area.

So when I started blogging I would write posts while sat on the sofa or in bed, it didn’t work to my advantage! I decided to set up my own workplace area in the kitchen, I got a desk and set it up for work. Just like step one, you get the professional and work mind set. With your own area there are no distractions. The last thing you want is to be comfortable and finding yourself watching TV while on the sofa or having a quick nap while in bed unlike me when I started!

3 ~ The right equipment!

So this is critical for myself. Having the right equipment and stationary is key, in a world of blogging I love to write hard copies down. If I can physically write lists I not only retain information but I have it right in front of me and don’t have to go fishing around different files on my computer to find what I want. I have a sharpener shaped pen pot and a mountain of sticky notes! My partner has note books he keeps everything written in however.

I totally recommend getting some stationary for your own work space, it makes everything that organized, just don’t get too much so yoru work space is crowded! I have one of these below and love it as it keeps everything in one place and looks really, really nice.

So there you have it, three easy steps that I follow when I want to get as much work done as possible while working at home. The steps might not be to everyone’s liking but I would suggest giving them a go and if after a couple of weeks you hate them and they didn’t work then just stop and find something else. If you find that sitting around in your underwear with music on is the best way that you work then utalise that.

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