So fathers day is fast approaching and that means money. The shops have hiked their prices for anything father related, if the toothbrush looks like your dad might use it; your paying more! Then you have the generic fathers day gifts which get a smile on the day and then the back of the wardrobe for the next couple if years!

So what do we do when everything cost too much or look like cheap tat? Well that is where I come in, take a look at my amazing 4 wonder list below and grab an amazing gift for your equally amazing dad without breaking the bank. Hopefully there will be something for everyone below. I must also point out that there is no faffing about and going shopping with this post, nope just click and order direct to your door!


A big kid or an inspiring writer?

So I myself would love to receive this on fathers day, that is when I have a child. I know a lot of dads who love to write in their spare time, some old hearts who love to write poetry; not that they would tell you! So take a look at these amazing writing books! I even have a Game of Thrones one myself. However unless your dad is a huge stark fan I would suggest something a little “older” such as star wars!


Who doesn’t want to be a spy?!

So what man doesn’t want to live the high life and be a spy! Having the money, women and license to kill, yea James Bond! Everyone needs to smell good and of course your dad deserves the best. I know from experience that my dad loves this stuff! You can buy it on Amazon for £17.31 at the moment and if you have prime you don’t need to pay a penny for postage and can get it delivered next day if you order in time! So check it out and think about getting your dad a smelly set he won’t ignore for the year!


Who doesn’t love chocolate!?

So there are loads of generic boxes of chocolates in the supermarket, which is fine if your dad loves the same as every other dad out there. Wouldn’t you rather make him feel special and loved though? Something a little more personal and if you wanted, a little bit more embarrassing! Well with Morsetoad you can! Morse toad are amazing, you can have your very own personalized message in chocolate form! To top it off, if you wanted to you can have a photo put in and like I said make it embarrassing! If you hurry you can get 10% off your first order making it even cheaper to send a personalised gift everyone can love!

The chocolate I ordered with a photo was £13.50, then you have the discount on top! I have tried Morse Toad before, they look really nice and taste even better. So if you want to spoil your dad on fathers day a Morse Toad chocolate box is well worth it!


Don’t forget the card!

So you can hop on down to your local card factory and get yourself a card; no problem. Wouldn’t you not have to go out to get a card and get an amazing one sent to your door? I am sure the card factory ones are lovely but there are some much nicer and funnier ones just sitting on eBay waiting for you! With cards at just £3.49 with free P&P you can’t go wrong, better than paying for fuel, parking and then the card factory card!


So there you have it, four gifts for under £15 for your dad on fathers day! I mean it can be expensive if you let it, but whats the fun in that? Sure the fourth is just an amazing snazzy card but everything is personal and tailored to your dad! If you wanted a more extravagant gift idea check out the amazing hamper from amazon below!


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