Gumtree can be amazing, even more so if you read my post about how I got most of my furniture for free on Gumtree. Although Gumtree can be amazing, it has its draw backs. It has many of them in fact, although I would like to focus on 4 in particular that I find frustrating especially when you are tying to find something or you happen to be waiting for a response.

Gumtree has some amazing features and ads daily. I would suggest going with price ascending if you are looking for a bargain. Lets start with the negatives and if you want something nice to read about Gumtree check out my Gumtree furniture post.

1, Take the darn post down!

So to begin with you find something amazing! Good for you. You then send them a message to find out if the item is still available and if it is indeed the price or free that it states. Well…. after waiting ages or maybe a short amount of time you get a response, a response that says the item is no longer available! Well then take the post down!

Most of the time the person will forget to take the post down, although most of them take it down after being asked or when people ask about the item after it gets a lot of requests. You then get the people, the annoying people who don’t bother to take the post down at all and leave it hanging around until the cut off point. The point Gumtree take the ad down for you!

2, Location, location, location!

The location feature on the app can be a bit…. temperamental! Several times I will end up hundreds of miles away. on the odd occasion I will input my location and make sure it’s where I want it to be. I then search for something and the app decides to then reset and send me somewhere random OR it will decide that I want the item to be next door and have the distance down to 0miles away!

Next time you use the app search for something first and then check the location. You don’t want to be picking something up 200 hundred miles away.

3, If you don’t want the money….

I love finding the perfect item, the perfect price. I end up sending the person a message and BAM. “Sure the item is £30!”. Well sir I’m not being funny then why would you put it up for free! I have found that many people will put an item for free to attract attention! Well that’s swell but it doesn’t help the people looking for the item!

Sometimes the person will put the price in the description so it’s always a good idea to have a look at that first before actually messaging them! I find that reporting the post afterwards gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, try it out!

4, I don’t run, I suck at races!

The final point I would like to make is the people that are let on the app! The annoying, tedious, URGH people! Again I love finding the right item and love it when a person responds. However when I get a message like this it really annoys me.

“Sure my address is ‘BLAH BLAH BLAH’ I have had three other people ask and given them all my address. First come, first served!”

Okay that’s lovely. I am not going to race against other people, to turn up and grab an item. This isn’t supermarket sweep! Also What happens if you get there and someone beats you to it, you walk down the persons drive and someone else is walking away with the item? Not being funny but how embarrassing! These people are the worst and really drive me crazy!

So there you have it, Gumtree and its downsides! If you can try and avoid these 4 points laid out then maybe you will be successful with the app. I have to admit sometimes I just throw my phone down and scream. Even more so if I find the perfect item and someone has just taken it away.

I have found some amazing gems on the app though, antique mirrors, a bar stool for my YouTube videos and an amazing display cabinet. All for free. Let me know if you have got anything on Gumtree, anything free? I would love to hear your success stories along with your horror stories!

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