It’s currently Christmas and New Year. Unlike everyone else who is running around and getting drunk, I’m preparing for an exam! I hate exams, I’m not good at exams and I even have use of a computer due to my dyslexia and the added extra time. None of it helps on the day when I have loads to remember however.

I remember failing my exams in school, GCSE’s hated me and that was fine. I always picked courses that didn’t have exams and even got told my current uni course had no exams when attending open day, you can imagine my surprise when I got told that we did in fact have multiple exams over the course!! So I’ve needed to adapt ways in which I revise and actually try and remember what I need to! Apart from cheating which is obviously a NO!

So let’s chat about some of the different ways that I actually try and learn. They might seem similar or a little obvious but when you’re panicking about exams and you can’t think about anything without wanting to cry in the corner, you might forget about the obvious ways to revise!

~ 1, Revision cards!

This might seem to darn obvious but I’ve spoken to a few students who turn round and say what?! I’m always using revision cards and went through a whole pack in my first year at university just so I could pull through, I just about passed that one so I knew I had to step up my game for the second year!

I decided to go with some better revision cards, coloured ones! I make sure that I have a set in every room of my flat! It might seem a little extreme, it works. I’m not being funny but how many people waste hours a week sat on the toilet playing on their phone, you know what I’m talking about! Make sure you have some revision cards in the bathroom and get learning everywhere!

A quick look before bed helps, well I say that but I have no scientific evidence. They say if you play baby music while it sleep they take more in right? Well I’m adapting everything and using it all to my advantage! I suggest you do the same!

HINT! If you can’t be bothered to keep picking up the cards, stick them on the wall, mirror or back of the door so you don’t have to use loads of effort!

Revision cards


~ Friends, okay maybe family.

It depends how social you are I suppose. Give your friends and family revision cards and get them to ask you questions. In my case I get my other half to ask me the questions because if I need to start crying or run away, well he doesn’t mind as much! However I hear that students have friends so if they’re on your course get them to ask you questions, trade notes and revise together.

I mean revising with people may be great for some although others, like myself might disagree. I hate working with others at time because I can’t focus and always get off topic. Do what is best for you and don’t let others tell you how to revise because at the end of the day you’re the one sitting the exam!

~ Here’s one no one will like!

Lock away the phone, turn off the TV and unplug the Xbox. They aren’t going to help. I hear people talk about how watching television helps them to revise, I just don’t believe it. I mean I understand listening to music because if you get a song in your head and link it with notes you might be able to remember easier while sat in an exam.

I don’t however understand how watching Desperate Housewives or playing Call of Duty if going to help you to revise and learn?! I just don’t sorry. If you hate any noise when it comes to revision and you can’t cope because you’re always getting distracted, maybe check out some noise cancelling headphones!

 A Uni Students Guide to Exam Preparation!

~~ DONE!! ~~

I’ve given you everything I have, sorry! I’m after all only in my second year at university and still learning myself! All I can say is the hard work is sure to pay off, hopefully. I thought I was going to fail last year and pulled through, this year I want to aim higher and see what I can achieve.

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