So as a last minute but well planned Christmas, I decided that my partner and I were going to see Adele at all cost! We finally managed to get tickets to see her in London at the o2 on Monday 4th April and we were so excited! On the day we had driven all the way to London and although tired as anything, we would stop at nothing to be in that arena watching one of the best performers in the world, the one, the only, Adele.

The atmosphere was amazing as soon as you walked into the arena, people everywhere finding their seats before the show started and making sure they had everything they could possibly need, we of course got into the arena itself 45 minutes early. I have seen a few people in concert now and they are normally late or have unheard of support acts. Adele of course was the only act people wanted to see so without a support act, she appeared in the middle of the arena ready to wow everyone and unlike many other artists, was only a couple of minutes late.

She of course started the show with “Hello” the iconic song which spear headed her come back and I speak for thousands of fans when I say we are glad she came back. She sung a whole variation of songs throughout the night but I will talk about a couple where she excelled and at times had myself in tears. She was determined to have us all up on our feet at the same time, some people may say that Adele is just depressing and no fun, those people are wrong.

On the night Adele was nowhere near shy. At different points throughout the night she took a seat and have a good chat with us all, the one thing I have to say 12938371_10154034002467225_7606911047367386263_nI LOVED was the fact she didn’t mince her words and said it how it was, that means swearing whenever she wanted. When she sung “Make you feel my love” and “Someone like you” however, I was in tears and found it difficult to control myself. Adele pours so much emotion into her songs it vibrates through the very souls that filled the concert. Adele made up for it thought with her upbeat songs.

At one point someone decided to get themselves removed from the arena half way through an epic performance, the part that had me captivated though was when Adele had finished the song and asked the security on the front what happened; she didn’t share the information with us however. Adele made a point of showing how much a people person she actually was, when she got a couple of children up onto the centre stage and had a photo taken with them and then the one children turned round and said that Adele was their inspiration to write songs; Adele was almost in tears along thousands of others!

One song that I will always remember from that night was “Rumor has it”. Sung with such emotion and attitude it summed up how everyone has felt at least once 12932753_10154034002182225_3017002133430001545_nin their life. I just wish that I was the person stood at the front of the stage when Adele gave them free tickets too! Our next goal is to obviously see her again but get to meet the star after the show, I think my partner would be lost for words and that is a challenge in it’s own right! One last thing I have to shout about is the amazing water works when Adele sung “Set fire to the rain”. I can imagine that it looked amazing all around the hall but being 10-15 feet away from her it looked stunning!

I don’t know if Adele herself will read this but if she does this is to you:

Thank you for such an amazing night, you rocked every single minute of it and filled so many people with laughter and joy. You are not a star for your voice however, you are a star to me because you pour so much emotion into your songs that people can relate and it helps them to cope. If not for you, I would never have made it through some of the most roughest times of my life, through the heartbreaks, the constant emotional and physical torment from bullies and accepting who I am as a person. I am sure I speak for many fans all over the world who want to say thank you for changing their lives!


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