After The Dark!!!!

I am a total film buff, I have a select few favourite films and After the dark has just managed to work its way into my top films! You know when you take a stab in the dark and try a random film? A film that looks like it would be, ‘okay’; low budget and a little cringe? Well this was one said film. I had been putting it off for the good part of a year and finally took the plunge! I wish I took it sooner, this film is one of a kind, messed up and totally amazing!

Why I love it so much?!

Well simply put, the film is messed up. I have watched enough films and series shows to know what is going to happen in most cases. I hate and love when I find a film that can challenge me! After the dark is such film! All the way through it had me guessing, wanting to know what was going to happen and sitting on the sofa staring with confusion.

All the way through After the dark has you falling in love with certain characters and hating others. At the end however your life is turned side ways, I won’t tell you anymore as I don’t want to spoil it for you. I would suggest sitting down one night and watching it, have some chocolate with it and have a clear head so you can keep up with what is going on!

Would I recommend it?!

If you have been reading so far I would say YES! You can see why in the nifty rating below. I will say however I love how diverse the cast is. You have so many well know actors, Freddie Stroma who has appeared in Harry Potter, GOT and Pitch Perfect. Bonnie Wright, the amazing Ginny Weasley we all love in Harry Potter. Jacob Artist who played the hotter than hell Jake in Glee and not to mention a personal favourite of mine, Daryl Sabara from Spy Kids! For me however Katie Findlay stole the show while playing Bonnie!

So in a nut shell I would recommend going onto Amazon and placing an order right now, enjoy it! Like I mentioned before, After the dark has made it into my favourite film vault and will forever remain.


After The Dark DVD


Low budget


Great Acting






Price of the film



  • Great Acting
  • Suspense
  • Low Budget
  • Ending
  • Price of the film


  • Low Budget

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