At the moment Amazon a deal is being ran for Amazon prime video. The deals lets you rent films that would normally cost £4.99+ for only £1.99. So far I have rented a few films and am making my way down the list! The next on my lists happens to be the new Smurfs the lost village that I have wanted to see for a while now.

However it isn’t just the Smurfs that you can watch, you also have various other films to pick from. Yesterday we decided to watch John Wick 2 and the day before beauty and the beast, both films I have to say were amazing and only cost us a fraction of the price!

If you have read my post on how Amazon saves me thousands a year you will know that with Amazon prime you can get digital credit which can be used on videos so you don’t actually have to pay anything! I am planning on watching Logan and La La Land this week and won’t have to pay a penny!

What would you watch from the list? The promotion is only running until 11th of September although if you’re like me you have loads of time to watch them all! Rented films only last for a few days once you have watched it although that isn’t a problem as you have seen it!

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