You may have seen my post on Vipon and how you can get free and discounted products. If so you would have seen that the sellers giving you these products for next to nothing want you to do an Amazon review in exchange. Sounds simple right? Nope. I left reviews for a whole year until Amazon changed their practices and decided to wipe my Amazon account and make it so I can no longer leave reviews! I was a little mad so I took my case to Amazon, they told me that there was nothing they would do and the choice was final!

I wanted to share my tips with everyone to make sure that the possibility of getting your account wiped is reduced. No one wants to get some ace products and then not be able to leave reviews. If you get your Amazon profile wiped you are less likely to get products as well! Bummer right? Have a read of the steps below and protect your Amazon review account.

Disclaimers ~ before Amazon put into place their new policies every review had to have a disclaimer at the end that looked like this “I got this product free or discounted in exchange for an honest review”. Since the new policies however people have stopped doing this. Not because its easier and less to write but because people leaving disclaimers are more likely to have their accounts suspended! Some people disagree although the amount of people saying otherwise leans towards no more disclaimers!

Pictures ~ there are loads of scamming accounts out there who are just after the products so they can put them on their market stall and sell them. Of course you might be getting the product as a gift and in that case it’s a little difficult to take pictures. However if you want to appear genuine to the Amazon bot who goes through profiles you need to be adding pictures. I don’t mean pictures of the item in its box. You need to use it and show you are using it, otherwise it proves nothing!

Videos ~ Just like pictures although a lot more credible. If you can see a video of the item and it being used, perfecto! Although unboxing videos, nope! Again like a picture of the products box, it proves nothing and is a waste of everybody’s time.

Introduction ~ You have the option to put in a bio about yourself, do it. Make yourself look like a human being and not a bot or scammer. Take five minutes to tell everyone about yourself, put in an email for sellers to contact you about reviewing products and most importantly make sure you have a nice cheerful photo of yourself sat there. Nothing says human better than a photo of one!

Review Content ~ This is an important one, you want to be writing enough but not too much! What that means is up to you, I always left 150-250 words. It wasn’t too long and it meant you can highlight all the points briefly and not spend all day writing one review. I know some people write 500+ and that’s great if you have the time but not everyone does, if you are adding videos and pictures as well you don’t need as many words!

Ratings ~ I know it would be easy to just rate everything 5 star all the time and save time. This is a big no! In a perfect world all the products you get would be worth a 5 star but this just isn’t the case. If you think the product is pants then give it a 2, if it was great but something was lacking give it a 4. Sure if you love it then give it a 5. The same rating every time though is going to make your profile look suspicious which is never good!

Healthy extras!

If you follow all the steps above you should be putting out some pretty cool reviews and your profile should be popping! With such an amazing profile you are going to start seeing things happen, two main things to be exact.

Helpful Votes ~ I am pretty sure that since the new update of policies you can only see your helpful votes on your reviews now. The more helpful votes you get the higher your reviewer rank will be. Give yourself a pat on the back! Pictures and videos will help loads for this and detailed reviews also. This leads on to boosting the second point.

Email requests ~ I mentioned before to add an email onto your profile. This is so sellers can contact you and ask you to review their products! You might find the products can be a little naff but you will get some ace ones at the same time. Adding photos/videos in your detailed reviews, helpful votes and a high profile rank will ensure you get all these requests straight to your inbox! I would advise making a reviewer email for Amazon so that it doesn’t get caught up in your everyday email and end up in requests being lost!

There you have it, some top tips you can use to ensure that your Amazon account stays safer. It has to be pointed out that even if you follow all of these steps and you’re perfect Amazon still makes mistakes and the bot can suspend your account, yet they don’t do anything about it so if you find yourself in that situation I can only suggest making a new profile or living with it like I have. Let me know if you’ve ever had problems with Amazon and their reviewing system?

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