Angelos, tourist and gift shop.

Let me tell you about Angelos! Three years now we have been coming to the beautiful island that is Zante. Although you will see most of my travel reviews about restaurants I thought it was time to switch it up a little. There are so many tourist shops in Zante and quite a few in Argassi, on the top of my head I can count 10 but I’m sure there are more. We however on our very first trip found an Angelos3amazing shop with the most amazing owners ever.

You find that if you visit you will walk past a lot of shops and they will literally try and drag you in just to buy whatever they are pushing at the time. By the time they have finally convinced you to look about they decide that they best way to get you to spend your money is to follow you everywhere!!!! Not the best tactic, but that’s other shops; not Angelos.

I found that from day one with Angelos we have never been pestered to have a look around and we have never been followed around like we are going to steal stuff. In fact they wait till you enter the shop yourself and welcome you with open arms, they are polite, friendly and so warm it is unbelievable. So yes the owners are amazing and they remember you every year, other shops just remember your wallet……

They have some of the best stuff in Argassi, I purchased 6 hats and 3 pairs of sunglasses this year in a one week period. They are all amazing quality and really hold firm. Other shops will sell you tat, not Angelos. We easily spend €100 if not double that because of the diverse and amazing products they have. The best part is they best so many other shops on prices, their hats start €4.50 whereas the shop next door to them start at €8.60!!!!! Says it all. You can see the hats I mean below from the ones I purchased!

Angelos hats

It doesn’t matter if you are after something for a loved one or friend back home and it doesn’t matter if you want a little something for yourself. You are sure to find it at Angelos and leave with a smile on your face from the excellent customer service. Plus they wrap your gifts to make them perfect and ready to give when back home. Other shops just don’t bother.

So don’t forget, if your in Argassi this year or the next, check out Angelos.

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