So everyone at some point becomes anxious, stressed and afraid. People with mental health conditions will be all too familiar with this notion and at times stepping foot past the front door can prove impossible! I know too well myself that simple every day tasks can sometimes be impossible to overcome. You may have read my post on the three ways I deal with everyday anxiety, well this post takes it one step further. Anxiety attacks can be impossible to overcome, long bouts of stress, depression and anxiety can suck. Let me talk to you about the main way I cope with serious anxiety which can keep me incapacitated for weeks.

My Anxiety comfort box!

So you can have whatever you want in your comfort box. Anything that makes you happy and grounds you. But let me run through what I have in my box and hopefully that will give you an idea of what to have in yours. It can difficult to pick what goes in. I have a larger box with room so that I can add something whenever I like, such as a new film or chocolate!

Bubble wrap! Totally important for anyone who is dealing with a great deal of stress. I love bubble wrap and popping all the bubbles to calm down and if you feel the same as me I would advise adding some into your box. You don’t have to buy it either, just take it from the veg isle in supermarkets, you only need a couple of pieces and they don’t mind.

Photos! So this might no be for everyone but I love to have some photos in my box that make me happy. I would recommend photos of people who are still here today. Just because if they have passed away this can be upsetting and not help with anxiety or stress. I have photos of me with my brother, sisters, mum and my partner.

Chocolate! I always need chocolate in my box, always! At the moment I have a mint hot chocolate stick from NutFreeChox, I always pick my favourite chocolate for the box and before I had a chocolate fudge bar from NutFreeChox as well! So pick some favourite chocolate or sweets and add them in!

Tea! So I have this amazing tea from teapigs, you may not have heard of them but they are amazing! At the moment I have popcorn tea sat in my box although would love to try others! I totally suggest having a hot drink, coffee, tea or hot chocolate in your box. Can be nice to sit down with a cuppa and watch a film. Which brings me onto the next one!

Films!! If like me you love your films you will want to chuck a couple in your box. I have favourite films and in my box I have three of my favourite films. I will leave links below so you can check them out but for sure make sure you add one in your box! You can watch it while enjoying a cuppa and some chocolate!

Face Mask!! So when days feel rough and I need a little pamper I go for a black face mask! Some people might be thinking, what the hell am I thinking! I don’t find them that painful like everyone makes out so I actually like to use them. Also you can use them anywhere you get spots not just your face! It feels like glue when I was a child peeling it off my hands! So put something pampering in there, maybe a hand cream?

Spray! So I have a bubbleoff! Tonka bean and lime spray in my box at the moment. It smells amazing but you only need a little to bright up the room! Stick a spray or something in your box to give the room a nice glow. Maybe incense sticks?!

Ta Dah!

So that is everything I have in my box at the moment. Remember you can add to it whenever you want. There are no rules to it, just make sure whatever you fill it with is going to cheer you up and calm you down; even if it is only for a little while! I would love to hear what you have in your boxes or if you had no idea about them before and you are now going to make one? Just remember, mental health is horrible! Anxiety can be tough and we all need ways to control it, never be afraid to ask for help!

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