Audi’s latest #PickingTeams video

So this week while on the hunt for a new car for the household I came across this advert, well YouTube video for Audi. I have seen some pretty creative adverts in the past but this one really caught my eye. Check it out below and then let me go into a little more detail about why I think it’s so fun!

So hopefully you would have watched the above video. So let me tell you about why I like it so much. I don’t follow football much I have to admit. I don’t find it fun, I found this advert fun. It brings cars into the picture an suddenly I am interested. I love how they seem to approach random people and chuck T-shirts at them!

I have to admit and make a confession though. My favourite part in the whole video is when they are sat there eating pizza! The second part I like the most is where they get the police man involved! I have to say after watching this I would be more inclined to buying an Audi, mostly because they look like so much fun!!


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