Small treat, amazing lunchbox. Try Pick Up Minis by Bahlsen!

 Bahlsen Pick Up minis are the solution! 5 days a week, sometimes more a parent is making a child’s lunch. Ready for them to go to school. It is a common practice and something everyone is used to. Don’t you find lunchboxes can get a little boring? I do. Having worked in nurseries and schools myself I have seen it all! I have seen children with huge chocolate bars in their lunch boxes, too much. I have see children with nothing that resembles a treat which just isn’t right.


Introducing Minis! The name is in the title they are mini, the perfect lunchbox size for any child! As the title suggests you can pick them up, they are not huge and your child will not spend all day eating one thing! Don’t be fooled though, although they may be mini they are delicious!

Now don’t worry. You might be thinking the bags are nice and big; they look quite fancy. There are ten inside! In choco & milk along with milk chocolate? They must be expensive right? Nope! £1.29 a bag! which means if you get one of these you have enough for two weeks worth of lunch boxes! Not only do they taste amazing but they are great on a budget.

You can get them at Tesco, Waitrose, Costcutter and Palmer & Harvey. To be in so many well known shops they can’t be that bad right. So if you can’t take my word for it, take the word of the huge companies that sell thousands each month!

I mean I am eating one now and have to say they are divine. What would you expect though from Bahlsen, they have been going for 125 years! That must mean they are doing something right?! Don’t worry if you are on the go, they are everywhere; 80 countries in fact.

img_2557 img_2560

My advice would be go and get some. You could buy 5 packs of each and be set until Christmas. Imagine that not having to spend anything else on lunch box treats until the new year! Still not convinced? Go and get some and find out for yourself!

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