Becoming a reseller is of course a personal choice and everyone has their own reasons as to why they start. Before becoming a reseller however you need to think about if it’s really worth it and it you have the time. Reselling can be a busy job and you need to make sure you really know what you’re getting into before starting.

I’ve found that becoming a reseller through eBay can be broken up into different areas and I wanted to go through them with you. I say eBay because I will never resell on Amazon again for various reasons which you can read about here.

1, Stock Sourcing

To become a reseller you need to start sourcing stock. One place to get stock could be a charity shop, in a recent post I spoke about charity shops and if they are still worth visits. The other best place that you will always see other resellers would be a bootsale! A bootsale is the number one target for a reseller looking to buy cheap stock, especially if you have identified the best bootsale and you know how to get a bootsale bargain.

You will also be able to source stock from a local auction if you have one handy but make sure you know how to get the most out of an auction and the best way to bid. Sourcing stock can take up a lot of time however, it all depends on when you plan to source it as well. Most good bootsales in my local area are held on a Sunday which means you have lost most of a Sunday. If you want to check out charity shops and an auction I would advise planning to do them both on the same day. Other wise you may easily lose 3 days a week.

2, List, list and list some more!

Of course if you are selling on eBay a large chunk of your time will be listing your finds so that people can buy them. You need to take into account the style of your listing, buy it now or auction; most resellers opt for buy it now. I would also advise putting as much details in a listing as possible although you will still get some people who don’t bother reading who will email you. If you are listing clothes, put measurements and not just the size on the label.

The listing part of the reselling game can take the longest amount of time however, if you buy 50 items at a car boot you then need to think will it take me 5 minutes an item? you will soon find yourself listing all day although hopefully the more detailed the listing the more sales you get in the long term!

3, Question time!

Having an eBay is like having a shop, you will have customers asking you questions all the time. Like I said before it doesn’t matter how detailed your listing is there will always be one person who needs to ask. It can be annoying but it needs to be answered. Some days you will dread seeing messages on your phone, some resellers will tell you that if you feel that way you’re in the wrong game; they have no idea what they’re talking about.

Speaking as a former reseller who suffers from anxiety and gets annoyed fast at morons who don’t read descriptions. You will dread seeing that you have a message and sometimes you might ignore it for a little bit before you answer it. Sure it might not be practical but you need to do what you can to get by at the end of the day!

4, Admin work!

So of course becoming a reseller you need to make sure you have your admin work up to scratch. Make sure you keep receipts and you know where you got stuff from. Make a note of how much something cost and how much profit you are going to be making. At the same time you will get plenty of admin to do through eBay, you might need to respond to someone wanting to return an item. Someone might have opened a case against you which will need sorting or you might find yourself on the phone to eBay for half an hour trying to sort something out.

The one thing you can be certain of if you are becoming a reseller, you will always have admin work to be getting on with.

5, Package ahoy.

The final part is the part I used to love the most! Packaging and sending the item. Although this is a lot more work then people make it out to be. You need to make sure you pick the right courier service for you. I will never use Yodel and if I need to it’s either Myhermes or Royal Mail. You will always find someone saying there is something wrong with any of them but this is my personal preference.

You need to make sure you have enough materials, bubble wrap for starters, even more so if you are sending breakable items! You may find that sometimes packaging an item might take longer than it did listing the darn thing. It feels amazing when you send it though and like I said that’s the part I love the most . If you need a cheaper way to get packaging supplies check out my post!

So there you have it, there might be more to reselling that you have found and I haven’t mentioned so let me know below in the comments. Overall these are the 5 main points I can think of if you are going to become a reseller. It can be hard work but once you get the momentum going and if you train your eye so you can spot the items that give you the biggest return you are going to be in with the money.

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