Greek beeswax moitsturiser, great for the skin!

I have tried a few moisturisers now although none with beeswax in. I was so happy I got this product and I loved testing it out and using it. I am a little worried when it comes to beauty products because I find that some can react badly to my skin and leave a horrible rash, take a look at my post on sensitive skin for more. When I came across this moisturiser though I was quick enough to get it because I really wanted to give it a go, for a few different reasons.

The cream really appealed to me from the start, not just from the description on Amazon but from the various reviews. It was soon in my basket and on the way. With Amazon prime, it was on my doorstep the next day and I soon had it opened for testing.

My first initial glance from the box was a good one. I was able to spot that it was not a product tested on animals which I loved, it stated how it was 100% natural and used organic beeswax; not to mention it was indeed a premium quality IMG_28777product. I have to admit though my favourite part of the product had to be that it was greek and I love Greece, you may have noticed from a couple of articles I have written.

When I opened up the box I was surprised as to how heavy and amazing the jar was. It really did look high end, something you would end up paying £20 for easily on the high street! I have to admit I was put off a little by the colour because it did not match the colour in the pictures online but when you think about it, the product has beeswax and other organic ingredients in, so it won’t stay the same IMG_28799colour from when it was first made.

When it comes to the product itself, I was expecting some overpowering chemical smell like the other moisturisers I have used, I was wrong! The moisturiser has a smell but it is more herbs and quite gentle after a while. When it comes to applying the moisturiser I must put a warning out there. You do not need to use that much at all, a little dab of the moituriser goes a long way and I found that it covered both my hands; if you use too much you might find it feels like oil.

IMG_28766I found the moisturiser works great as a massager if you are fed up of using the same old baby oil and it smells a lot better afterwards. I would highly recommend going out and getting some, it would also make an amazing gift for someone.

I found that the moisturiser made my skind instantly softer. Not only did it make my hands softer but it helps repair damaged skin quite well. The moisturiser is brilliant for both men and woman! If you buy two of these as well you get free delivery! Brilliant for Christmas and beat the rush!

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