You may have seen that I’ve been trying to get into the weight loss spirit this year. I’m not planning on joining a boot camp and I don’t follow diets religiously. The plan is to eat healthier and exercise more. One thing stumps me however, when people are trying to lose weight they focus so much on what they’re eating but never what they’re drinking!

I see people eating a salad and an energy drink! I mean the amount of sugar and calories in that drink easily cancels out the salad they are forcing themselves to eat! Obviously the first part is cutting out all these drinks, making sure you’re getting less calories and sugars in your life. Although you can cut out energy drinks and trade them for no sugar or zero drinks that’s only the first part!

I find myself buying no added sugar drinks and feeling no different! I like to walk away from a meal or a drink and actually feel a sense of accomplishment! Which is when I found benefit drinks, not something I thought I’d ever see myself trying although I’m really glad that I did!

Benefit gif drink

So let me break it down, I got three different types of drinks. Carrot juice, Prune juice and Beetroot juice. None of which I thought I would ever try in my life but I’m glad I did. For me the carrot juice was the firm favourite. I love carrots in my roast and now have to admit that I love a nice glass of carrot juice. Again not something I thought I would ever hear or see myself saying!

So a little about the drinks? Of course they’re healthy otherwise I wouldn’t bother. They help to cleanse the body of all the bad stuff you’ve taken in and after a few days I started feeling a little better, less sugar cravings as well which was amazing. All the drinks are packed with so many vitamins it’s unreal, Vitamin A, C & E! So if you’re taking multi vitamin tablets to get you through, change to these healthy drinks and as the name suggests, benefit a little more!

Now although I loved the carrot juice I have to say the prune juice is an acquired taste, you have to really like prunes to drink it. The beetroot juice however is a different story altogether! I hate beetroot and could never stand it when people added it to a salad. The drink however is quite nice, I was surprised! I decided to give them all a go of course and have to say that I’m glad I did in this case.

Benefit drinks

Of course it all depends on who you are as to what drinks you like. You might love them all or you might hate them. There’s only one way to find out though and I would highly recommend them to anyone trying to shift a few extra pounds before the summer, even if it is snowing in March! You can find benefit drinks at Tesco, Amazon or Waitrose. Personally I’ll be getting mine in Tesco in the future due to club card points.

I’d love to know what people thought about the drinks, your thing? Or maybe not for you at all? In any case they are the perfect, healthier alternative to sugar packed energy drinks and hopefully they’ll help you lose weight in the long run with just one easy change!

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