So if you took my advice and decided to stay at the amazing Diana Palace, then you will need somewhere to eat, even if you are all inclusive it is sometimes nice to venture out and try other places. Well if you do not want to travel to far but want to experience some of the best food on the island, then look no further, take a right on your way out of the hotel towards the back and you will come across the amazing Dionysos! The restaurant is magnificent and unlike any other that I was able to find on the entire island, for us our total favourite and we plan on coming here at least twice in our week away this year!

Enjoying some of the food the Dionysos had to offer!
Enjoying some of the food the Dionysos had to offer!

The food and quality of service are like nothing you could find elsewhere! The food is mouthwatering and divine; we find it a struggle to stick to one thing when it comes to the mains, but we go mad and order at least 3 starters! You will feel stuffed full by the end, but be thankful for it, the desserts are to die for! I would suggest getting the Zakythonas Beef for main because it is amazing, topped off with a to die for Oreo Cookie for pudding.

Told you the pudding was to die for! The first time we came we got three!

You would think that may be enough to make a restaurant amazing, you would be wrong. The restaurant is totally family run, which of course makes the atmosphere that little bit more relaxed and the staff are all so polite with smiles on their faces all the time, well it’s a breath of fresh air! It will be our third visit this year and we can not wait, the first year we fell in love and the second year we had to go back and when we arrived they remembered we had been before, showed us to our table and they just showed everyone what Greek hospitality really is! They even remembered which table we liked the most!

Last day so we had to get cocktails!
Last day so we had to get cocktails!

If you are looking for a one of a kind experience and one of the best restaurants on the island than you really should look no further, they are on the doorstep of the hotel which means you don’t need to trek far to get there, you can take your time because you don’t need to save time to get back to the hotel and the customer service is out of this world; not to mention the amazing food! I can’t wait to return and hope others experience what we do every year!

If you are on a budget then you need to go here it’s amazing. A great thank you to Illias at the Diana Palace for recommending this place years ago! I would suggest checking out the amazing tripadvisor comments yourself along with their own homepage! The reviews speak for themselves!


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