Hello folks, so I visited Birmingham a couple of weeks ago and wanted to share my experience. Many people see Birmingham as a place full of crime and gangs, not true. I found so much wonder in this beautiful place, granted it’s not all amazing but then again you can find a problem with almost everywhere these days. Let me share a bit of what I did with you.

One of the first places that I had to visit was the Pen Museum. At first I was a little unsure when I arrived but when I got inside I was impressed. The staff there who I believe are volunteers are polite and so helpful; if you have any questions they will try and answer them the best they can. I had a long look at everything in the museum, have to admit that I was fascinated with the many different ink wells there where.


The fun started however when I got upstairs and was able to give the art of ink writing a go for myself! I was a total novice, ended up getting ink on my hands but still enjoyed every second, if you go you have to try it out for yourself. I even decided that thanks to my trial run I was going to purchase my own pen in the gift shop there, left with an ink well (ink included), a pen and some new nibs in their own case and for a bargain too. If you do visit maybe if you can leave a donation because like I said the museum and staff are amazing!

The second place I have to praise is the Birmingham Museum and Art Galley. The gallery is totally free to get in, you can leave a donation if you are able and loads of people do; to be fair though the place is amazing. There are so many different rooms on multiple floors I would challenge anyone to get bored when looking around. My favorite part ad to be the many different paintings displayed around the museum, mainly on the first floor and as soon as you walk in.

The only thing that was a little annoying, the amount of school trips. I think within a 2 hours period there where four different school trips going on, so be warned you may need to avoid loud children; on the plus side though if you have children with you the place is child friendly. There is a cafe in the museum although the gift shop is nice and big with enough to buy to leave you broke for days!



I hope you visit Birmingham and visit these two places because they are amazing and so wonderful. I would suggest however avoiding the Britannia hotel like a bad smell! The place is disgusting, over price and in some areas moldy! I had to change rooms twice and the staff where very rude. I would also give the Museum of the Jewellery quarter a miss, over priced and if you are not doing the tour which you have to wait around for to start then it is not worth the time, money or effort getting there.

Like I said however there really is something for everyone, they even have a gay quarter right next to the Chinese quarter. If you want some new bling as well you should check out the jewellery quarter, there had to be at least 30 shops to pick from. On a lighter note try to find as many of these wonders as you can, I found 4; they are dotted all over the place and some are rather funny.




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