I’m trying something new on the blogging front, mid week can drag but mid month is even worse. With little money left till payday, you need something to do; nothing better than reading some amazing blog posts from some amazing bloggers! Take a look at the posts I’ve read this week and find something new to get stuck into this month!

Cubsontour ~ Creating a holiday on a budget!

I love this post, being able to afford a holiday these days can be expensive as heck. It’s great to know that you can save loads of money creating your own holiday from home and even earn a little in the process, give them a read if you’re thinking about going on holiday soon!

Savvy In Somerset ~ 5 ways being a lazy cook can save you money!

It would seem I’m not the only one that likes to be a little lazy in the kitchen! I have to say some of these tips are amazing, who’d have thought that I no longer need to peel potatoes! For more tips check out the post and thank me later!

KatyKicker ~ Loaded slow cooker chorizo potatoes!!

I won’t pretend not to be excited about these, they sound and look amazing and I’m going to be trying them out this weekend! Make sure you check them out and check out my instagram to see if I can make them as well as Katy does!! She has loads more recipes as well I’m dying to try!

Four Frugal Ways To Keep Cool Inside During A Heatwave!

Inspiring Life Design ~ How To Find A Ghostwriter For Your First Book!

So I’m totally there for this post, I don’t know how many times I’ve gone to write a book and stopped half way because I’ve hated the whole writing process, one reason I went to university to do media! This post is super helpful and has given me the inspiration I need to get some help and get that book written!

Mel’s Money Mindset ~ 3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Start A Side Hustle!

Let it be known that I love a good side hustle! I’m forever answering surveys and trying to earn a little on the side! That being said sometimes I lack motivation or don’t know what to do or how to get started when going after something new! Which is why I love this post, it helps find that motivation and give the kick up the butt we all need! Check it out!

Miss Many Pennies ~ How To Have A Debt Free Christmas!

I didn’t even know this was a possibility until I sat down a read through this post, I mean doesn’t everyone just chuck it on a credit card and pay it off later!? Some great advice here and even though it’s August it’s never too early to save!

Woo, August has been busy! Six amazing blog posts that are as diverse as they’re amazing. Give them all a read if you want and learn something new. I’m off to make sure I have the ingredients for loaded potatoes because KatyKicker makes them look amazing.

Come back next month for another round up and see what amazing posts bloggers have been putting out there, for now you should have enough to keep you busy!


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