Bournemouth Comic Con: 3rd-4th September.

So  this weekend happened to be the third Bournemouth Comic Con. After much disappointment with many of the big named guests dropping out last minute some might say the hype had died out. However many people still attended and the general consensus would be a lot of fun was had. Let me talk you through my experience of the event.

Like many people I thought the whole shebang could have been handled a little better. Guests should have been secured better but on the day things could have ran a little smoother. We found because of the amount of guests dropping out buying tickets in advance would be a risk. It was a shame to have to wait 25 minutes to get our tickets at 2pm however when the queues were non existent. When we got through them doors though I was ready.

Me with Tom Hopper!
Me with Tom Hopper!

I say it leads me onto guests because the moment I walked up to Tom Hopper he was perplexed with a magic trick (bending of a coin). To be fair I had totally forgot about the autograph and was so enticed with the trick. It was great talking to Tom about it all, watching him try to get the money out the box and get a photo with him. Top notch guest I have been wanting to see for a while now! My partners favorite had to be Ray Parker. He was over the moon to meet him and he was a really relaxed and talkative person which was ace.

We had a look around the many stalls in the halls, was a shame to see a lot off the same generic stalls however. I feel they could have branched out a bit more, at Brighton they had fudge and caricatures. Here they just had a pop on every stall. However I must admit magic man was pretty awesome, which leads me onto guests. I have to say I almost spent all my money and at one point almost brought all of these Doctor Who Pops!

I couldn’t of course end the article without giving a mention to the amazing Cos Play that took part over the weekend. I managed to get some photos with some of the amazing creators although as you can imagine there were many more to be seen! Check out some of the amazing pictures and see for yourself! Maybe one day I will draw inspiration and Cos up myself! I have to say it was an amazing Bournemouth Comic Con and hopefully there will be many more to come in the future, this time with less drop outs. Check out some of the pictures below!

Credit for pictures below. You are all fantastic!
Ahri from League Of Legends
The BBC musketeers cosplay group
Harley Quinn

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