I’m always on the look out for new ways that I can cope with my mental health, as it’s mental health week 2018 I thought I’d check out some new ways and refresh my brain a little. With the rise of social media and technology as a whole I thought I’d turn to tech a little more and step away from my candles and comfort boxes for five seconds to see what’s about!

I was contacted by the kind folks that run the Budhdhify app, they wanted to see if I wanted to review a new way that people can use to keep their mental health under control, of course I said yes! You can get the app on any phone, as long as it can download apps that is! It’s currently £4.99 although the price may change and that’s not something I can control or know about; so let’s talk about the app.

Mindfulness and meditation has always been something at the forefront of my brain. I find myself quite often taking deep breaths and trying to remain calm in certain situations, if you like meditating but not in the conventional sense. How many times do you take a step back and tell yourself that everything is going to be okay, talking to yourself to try and relax. Well this is exactly what Buddhify does, although maybe not in public unless you have headphones!

So there are a few reasons I like Budddify although the first one being that it’s so versatile! There are different options that you can go with, which means when you’re traveling like on a plane to calm you down if you have a fear of flying. An option for when you’re walking and many others. This means whenever you’re on the go you have someone you can listen to, guiding you and giving you a way to relax and let go. You can always change your wheel which means you can adapt it to however suits you the best. There are also certain custom wheels that you can pick from that best suit your current situation, the app really does have it all!

Buddhify meditation and mindfulness app wheels

In fact there’s loads that you can do with the wheel, it’s all about trying it out, setting it up however you’d like and then rolling with it. I’ve adapted mine so well that it’s all I need while going for my walks; although I still use Pokemon go if I feel like it. As you can see above I didn’t need to do much with my wheel as it’s tailored to my on the go lifestyle.

Now comes the part where I discuss any problems with the app? I didn’t really see any thankfully. One criticism I would have is that some of the voices are difficult to hear and understand. I’ve got issues with my hearing which makes it difficult to really home in on what someone is saying, if there’s an accent, lisp or if someone is talking really quiet most of the times I have no idea what’s said. Which is pretty much the only constructive criticism I have overall on the app.

It might take a little getting used to but believe me, the app is worth it when you get into it. If you want to know more. about the app and my experience with it then do me a favour and check out the video below to get my full reaction.

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