Busted & guests, should they have kept it just Busted?

Busted, BUSTED! At least 12+ years I have been one of their biggest fans, when they announced their first tour; well I had to go and thanks to my amazing partner I was going! Counting down the days as you do I was ready to walk into that concert hall and sing my heart out, of course I know all the words to almost every single song!

Before Busted however we had to wade our way through the muck as it where. We first got presented with a girl call Emma Blackery, I wouldn’t suggest seeing her live even if it was free. I mean when did screaming become singing? You could just about make out some of the lyrics to “Look what you made me do”.  It had to be the worst way to start a concert ever, the guitar was so loud you couldn’t hear her; or hear at all after they finished! She also needs to get her memory checked after asking what day it was several times. So there you have it folks, the bad and the ugly.

Then you had the second support act of the night, the amazing and talanted Wheatus. Many people will know them, mostly the older 25+ people. I say that because when they did several songs such as “fourteen” from their 6th album, most of the room shut up and didn’t know the words! The great thing about them though was the fact that they could actually sing and didn’t need loud instruments to cover up any bad shouting. One part of their performance will forever stay in the brain. They decided to do their iconic song, the one which everyone will know even if they are in their teens; “Teenage Dirtbag”.

Wheatus decided to get the entire hall to sing and let me tell you about 90% of the hall did indeed sing! You know the verse, “I got two tickets to Iron Maiden baby…..”. Well the crowd burst out in song and my body burst out in goosebumps!

BUSTED!! After a brief wait and a lot of hype it was time for the main act! They jumped up on stage with an army of pigs behind them, after all #pigscanfly. They started off with their all new comeback song, “Coming home”. Of course they hit it out of the park, their vocals are still as great as ever and their stage presence more powerful than a 40 tonne truck.


Yes they did some of their new music and that was amazing, but it’s the classics the fans wanted and the classics we got! With songs for the softcore fans thrown in such as “Crashed the wedding” and “What I go to school for” everyone was on their feet jumping about (Thanks to Matt!) and singing along. It wasn’t until they played the less known songs that you really found who the hardcore fans where, me being one of them!

Now they decided to play the epic songs such as “Dawson’s Geek” and “That thing you do”. It was amazing to see how many people just stood their filming because they had no clue what the lyrics where. Then there was me, bobing up and down and singing my heart out until my throat was as dry as the desert! IMG_3443

It was pure bliss to see them in concert even if there was over a decade of waiting to be done! I would easily without any thought needed go and see them again. I think they said the show was over twice and ended up doing another song each time. I wouldn’t care if the tickets where in their hundreds I would try and see them again! I would recommend everyone who loves them to go and see them if they get the chance!

Thank you Busted for making my childhood dream a possibility, I enjoyed every single second of your performance.

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