Butternut Squash soup.

Sometimes eating healthy can be really difficult and not only that but time consuming. Well hold onto your hats and have a look at this Slimming World friendly Butternut Squash Soup recipe / method. Have a look how long it takes as well and be amazed!


6 Carrots
1 Butternut Squash
600ml Water

Cooking time, 30 mins!


1, Peel and chop carrots and butternut squash. The butternut can be a little touch so I always cut the peel off with a knife but it depends how confident you are with a knife at the end of the day. Does not matter what size you chop either, you do need to chop though!

2, Place chopped carrots and butternut squash into soup maker. Add salt and pepper, all depends on how much you are comfortable with. I have four turns of each. Add a sprinkle of Basil and Thyme. Coriander can be used if you have any in the place of Basil and Thyme.

3, Add water into the soup maker, make sure the water does not cover all the veg. You do not want your soup to be too watery otherwise you might as well drink it. Maybe a good idea for the shake lovers?





4. Turn on the soup maker, wait 20 minutes and then eat. If you wish you can put another cycle on if it has left lumps but 9 times out of 10 this doesn’t happen.

It really is that simple! It takes me 10 minutes to prepare this soup. 20 to cook, makes 30 minutes for dinner! Half an hour is not a long time to be waiting! The soup maker makes it so much easier as well, cuts out all the dishes and cooking time you would have used. Want one? Click here and get one! My life wouldn’t be the same without it! Did I mention no syns!!

You can of course have some sort of bread or roll with the soup but you need to remember to syn them. If you are like me you can just eat it how it is though. Enjoy!

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