So everyone loves bargains right? What better place to get them than a bootsale! We are always trekking around bootsales looking for bargains. I wanted to let you into a few different ways we get our bargains and things that you need to avoid doing so you can get the best price for the items you want.

First of all you need to make sure you scout out the best bootsales. Find out which ones are expensive and mostly market stalls and figure out which ones have the best prices, look for certain areas. If the area is expensive you won’t get amazing prices. You don’t want to end up spending loads of money for a small number of items.

So you find the best bootsale in your area, great. Make sure you know how much money you want to take, don’t go overboard the first time because you’ll end up spending more on items if you have the money. Once you know the bootsale is cheap you can try taking more money. Make sure you take lots of bags, we normally take 4-6 bag for lifes just to make sure.

So there are many types of people that go to bootsales although there is one type of buyer that I hate, both as a buyer and a seller at bootsales. They would be the people who decide to crowd around the car as soon as you pull up. Some of them try going through your boxes and you car, I have on many occasions told someone that I won’t sell them anything due to them being rude and going through everything in my car!

In fact if you want to grab some bargains you need to be polite. If you see an item you really want and you go over to have a look make sure you pick it up, just to ensure no one else decides to go for it and it means you won’t lose out! Make sure you have a giggle, talk to the person running the stall, smile and make sure you get on with them. Pissing someone off is the fastest way to pay top price. In fact when someone asks me and they happen to be rude about it, the price might just go up slightly!

Flirt if you really want to but most of the time being polite will make sure you get the best price you can. At the same time don’t just go through whats on the table. If you see boxes on the floor or at the side of the table have a quick rummage. There might just be a hidden treasure in there and if you don’t look you will miss out. Many times I have ended up going through boxes and find something I have been looking for, Harry Potter books hidden under tons of cooking books no one wants! You just need to make sure you look and don’t float past everything!

If you go with someone, great. It means you can both carry something and if you need to it will make dropping bags off at the car that much easier! Most of the time we will end up having to go back to the car just to make sure we have empty bags. Most stalls will have bags but you don’t want to end up carrying loads, at the same time I recently had someone try and charge me 5p for a bag! It’s a bootsale and not a shop, they must not have gotten the memo!

There you have it, be polite, take bags and don’t crowd or be rude. Most of all make sure you dig around and look at what a person is selling, just not in their car!! People haven’t sold out of their actual boots for many, many years! Let me know the best bargain you’ve ever got at a bootsale, I really want to know!!

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