Blogging can be difficult and sometimes it can be a case of sitting around thinking of ideas to write about or waiting for PR companies to send an email with work, work that doesn’t always pan out. As a blogger, a social influence it’s always important to look down other avenues.

So I bring you Buzzole. Buzzole is a blogging platform, if you have an influence or a blog with a high following I would suggest joining. The website is pretty straight forward at the end of the day which makes it even better. Al you need to do is sign up and add all the details you have.

You need to input your social media accounts and upload your blog URL so that Buzzole can work out how many followers you have in total and find out where you social influence amounts the most. There happen to be several categories that Buzzole look into, at the moment lifestyle is 39.11% while my food and drink is the lowest with 15.79% .

How Buzzole works?

Well simply put the more followers and engagement you have will equal the more campaigns you get accepted for. Over your blogging carer you will hopefully gain more followers and your engagement will carry on growing which means you will be accepted for more campaigns.

When you first join Buzzole you may face the same problem I did. How do I join a campaign?! Well simply put, you can’t. It’s annoying that you can’t apply for campaigns because it would probably mean you could home in on the campaigns that best suit you and you wouldn’t have to wait for them to come to you. Although the sad story behind Buzzole is that you have to sit and wait like all other aspects of blogging.

What do you get?

Well Buzzole isn’t a paying platform, you won’t get cold hard cash or anything like that so stop wishing. You will however in fact get Amazon vouchers. As it stands you get a certain amount of credits for completing campaigns. Credits are normally starting at 40 and sometimes go as high as 200! You can also complete tasks such as signing up to a newsletter to gain a couple extra coins.

At the moment 50 credits will give you £15, 150 credits will give you £50 and 250 credits will give you £100. All you need to do is complete a few campaigns each year to be in with a couple hundred pounds worth of Amazon vouchers in time for Christmas! So far that is what I use Buzzole for, you can get quite a few gifts at Christmas time without having to pay a penny and just doing a few posts each year through a campaign.

So there you have it, the campaigns might be different each time however. Sometimes you might get a campaign asking you to share a video via social media, possibly twitter. At the same time you might get asked to write a blog post. Campaigns all vary and I have to admit it can actually be great fun putting out different content and maybe ways you wouldn’t have thought about using before.

At the end of the day blogging is about growing and learning and Buzzole is an amazing way to do just that. Let me know if you have used the platform before and if you have learned anything from it?

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