OXA Canvas Messenger Bag.

The OXA Canvas Messenger Bag. One thing you need to know about me is that I am always on the look out for a new bag. I only use messenger bags as well, gone are the days of rucksacks. Normally I will go for something dark, maybe a black or dark grey. Until I found this one however. The listing on Amazon may say brown, I would have to say a very light brown at that.

I needed a new bag after a bottle decided to go awol in my university bag. Ever tried getting Fanta Twist out a bag, don’t! So after a little searching and dismissing all of the over priced ones I found this. Now I am not being funny but at £29.99 I thought this was a steal and a half. My last bag was over the £30 mark, look how long that lasted!

The bag with the strap.

I must admit there are enough pockets in this bag to make sure you have everything where you need it. The zip pocket at the back of my bag holds all my notes. You have the main pockets inside that hold my laptop and various books, I must note the books are not huge and bulky like traditional university books! The fact that the shoulder strap is adjustable as well makes it all worth having.

I do try to find faults in everything, it helps me give an honest review to people who want to purchase. That being said however I was hard pushed to find a fault with this little beauty. Like I said before it is great for work and even better for university. You don’t even need to go out rushing to purchase it in time for school because you can get it through Amazon!  If I was you though I would get one in each colour and switch it up a bit!

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