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So I go through phone cases like hot dinners. I can’t help it. Some I have had break after a couple of weeks, others Iimg_2519 go off. Until now I have liked my hard back protection cases but lately I have had my eye on some flip cases. The only problem is which one. I wanted one that doesn’t cost the earth but at the same time was high quality.

I stumbled across case-made cases while having a search online. I decided to write them an email to find out more about their cases. I mean I can get information on their website but I preferred to get it from the people themselves. It was obvious that they take great pride in their cases. Genuine and proud.

With myself having an iPhone 7 and my other half with the iPhone 6 I soon had two cases on the way. You can see below the two cases. Mine being the tan coloured one. I have to admit I love the case. I like nice, high quality items. The case ticked all the boxes. The high quality and sturdy material used means I don’t have to worry about damage to my phone. I also don’t need to worry about the case coming apart after a week. It’s made to last longer than the phone it holds.

img_2530 img_2534

So you can see the black case. This is the IPhone 6 case. I decided to gift it to my partner. At the end of the day these cases are amazing. Why would you not want to give one to somebody you love? I have to say I can see a couple under the Christmas tree this year. After all the most people in my family are iPhone lovers! Why not make somebody’s year?

So in all honesty when you think about getting a new case think case-made. Stuck on a Christmas present? Now some people might think the price is a little steep, sure at first I did. When I actually held the case and felt the quality, I would have paid more. Why would you want to get someone a case which is going to break before the new year? It’s the smart choice to a brilliant and thoughtful gift. What are you waiting for, grab some here; now!

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