How to start a free blog using

On the market today there are tons of free blogging platforms, if you are just getting into blogging however I would always suggest using wordpress. Wordpress in my opinion is the easiest platform to use with literally thousands of compatible plugins and themes. To be honest I started with wordpress many years ago and have never looked back or at other platforms. Starting with wordpress is super easy and the most beneficial. 1 ~! So first things first you need to ensure that you don’t get your wordpress platforms mixed up! Make sure you hop on over to and not which is a self hosted platform for more advance users. When you visit you will see “get started” in the top right corner, click there and begin. 2 ~ What do you want? So the second step is up to you. You need to decide what…

3 ways to stay focused while working from home.

So working from home can actually be rather difficult. The common misconception is that working from home is easy and amazing; this couldn’t be further away from the truth! It is really difficult working from home when you have an endless list of distractions around you. Sure you can take a couple hour out of the day to do housework and then a couple more to make food and reply to emails etc. Then however you have lost half the day? I devised three different, simple ways that I keep myself focused during the day. Sure I don’t follow them all the time but if I want to get a lot of work done I will try and stick to them as much as possible to achieve maximum efficiency. 1 ~ Get up, get dressed. So it might seem like a stupid thing to suggest, when you get up make…