Cadbury Reviews


Cadbury Easter Egg Madness!

So you might be thinking, it’s a little too late to be writing about Easter Eggs? It’s going to be Halloween before we know it! Well you are probably right, however if you’re anything like me you would have hit the supermarkets this year and got yourself a mega haul of reduced Easter eggs! I must have got about 20 Easter eggs in the sales for my partner and myself! I’m glad the shops have ran out or I would have purchased more! You might be thinking that I’m mad, how did I lose a stone last month while stuffing myself with Easter eggs? Check out my weight loss report for all that information. I’ll let you into a secret though, I only have half an egg at a time so they last longer and I don’t eat as much! I must admit though I was totally spoilt with choice…

The Freddo Chocolate collection ~ A yummy Review!

If you’ve seen my last Cadbury review you might have seen I was a little critical, I thought I’d go with something that everyone loves this time; the Freddo! I have to say first that I wasn’t paying up for the little freddo chocolate bars, I remember when they were like 5p so I couldn’t bring myself to do that, everything else I could; the new stuff without a problem. Just because they are new and I’d never tried them before! So I’ve had the Freddo faces before so that’s not an issue, I mean I couldn’t actually get a picture of them if I wanted to because the other half ate them. However they look pretty much like what’s on the packet! However I’ve never tried the faces or biscuits before and was really looking forward to them! Although I could only have a little to make sure I…

Cadbury Roses Cake Bars ~ The Review

Cadbury everyone loves the stuff. I mean who doesn’t like getting a tub at Christmas? Personally the orange and strawberry cream ones have always been my favourite and I will fight you for the last one! While shopping at Tesco recently I came across these quaint little cake bars hidden at the back, I mean you wouldn’t have noticed them unless you was looking for cake or something different. The cake bars were strawberry cream and orange cream, I couldn’t say no! I mean my favourite chocolate Christmas treats turned into cake?! I was shocked and happy all in a second. I got them home and I couldn’t wait, after all they were low calorie as well and if you’ve never read any of my posts you’ll know I’m trying to lose weight this year so 110 calories for a bit of cake is nothing right! Well I got them…

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