Competitions: What I won In March 2017!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first competition post, bringing you everything that I have won. Maybe not everything but I will let you know some of the top prizes that I have won and you can check out the rest on my YouTube page! Let us begin! What is comping? Comping is basically entering competitions in the hope of winning a prize. I hear people tell me all the time that they enter competitions and never win anything so they don’t bother. I must enter a minimum of a thousand competitions a month. It can be a long haul and at times rather frustrating but the outcome is incredible! If you want to read more on competitions, how I enter them and how I learned what I know; check out my competitions post for all you need to know! Why I Comp? So last year (2016) my fiance won a…

Competitions, Why I Enter and How They Save Me Money!

Competitions and how they save me cash! I talk to a lot of people and they always tell me that they win nothing, they enter competitions and have no luck. I always used to think the same before I started playing the game! Yes entering competitions is a game, a game that you will only win if you are determined. Determined to not only win amazing prizes but at the same time save hard earned cash! Companies are forever setting up new competitions, all over the place. You just need to know how and when to enter. Why I enter? So you might be thinking why should you waste time and effort entering competitions? So far this month I have won so amazing prizes. Prizes that will be put away, away ready for Christmas! You see I enter competitions so that I can stock up on Christmas presents all through…