Busted, the good, the bad and the ugly!

Busted & guests, should they have kept it just Busted? Busted, BUSTED! At least 12+ years I have been one of their biggest fans, when they announced their first tour; well I had to go and thanks to my amazing partner I was going! Counting down the days as you do I was ready to walk into that concert hall and sing my heart out, of course I know all the words to almost every single song! Before Busted however we had to wade our way through the muck as it where. We first got presented with a girl call Emma Blackery, I wouldn’t suggest seeing her live even if it was free. I mean when did screaming become singing? You could just about make out some of the lyrics to “Look what you made me do”.  It had to be the worst way to start a concert ever, the…

The Wicked, London; Victoria Apollo.

Why is the Wicked so amazing at the Victoria Apollo, come find out! On 21/05/2016 my partner and I decided to go and watch the Wicked. I have been before although this was the first time for my fiancee. The Apollo was as you can imagine totally packed and it was difficult to move at times but we soon found our seats and got ready for the amazing, majestic show to unravel in front of us. As soon as the talented actors burst onto the stage the entire atmosphere changed in the room. Not a soul in the theatre dare look away and it had only just began, I myself after having already seen it was still glued to the stage. From the first song “No one mourns the wicked” you could tell it was going to be a good night, just with the vocals alone. Of course it wasn’t…

Adele, 4th April 2016; epic!

So as a last minute but well planned Christmas, I decided that my partner and I were going to see Adele at all cost! We finally managed to get tickets to see her in London at the o2 on Monday 4th April and we were so excited! On the day we had driven all the way to London and although tired as anything, we would stop at nothing to be in that arena watching one of the best performers in the world, the one, the only, Adele. The atmosphere was amazing as soon as you walked into the arena, people everywhere finding their seats before the show started and making sure they had everything they could possibly need, we of course got into the arena itself 45 minutes early. I have seen a few people in concert now and they are normally late or have unheard of support acts. Adele…

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