Is Netflix worth your time and money?

Many students and young adults will know the struggle when it comes to Netflix! Do you get the subscription or not! If you do which level do you go for! For these of you who don’t know what Netflix is let me explain! Netflix is basically a subscription service that brings you shows and movies. You pay monthly for the service and in return you can watch anything they have available. The question is though is Netflix really worth buying or would it be easier and cheaper to go with an alternative subscription service like Amazon video? IS NETFLIX WORTH BUYING??  Netflix is popular with students unlike BBC iPlayer because basically you don’t need a TV license when you have Netflix. Thus in turn saving money while at university. So Netflix is totally worth it as a student as long as you don’t want to watch the shows you would…

After The Dark ~ A Film Review!

After The Dark!!!! I am a total film buff, I have a select few favourite films and After the dark has just managed to work its way into my top films! You know when you take a stab in the dark and try a random film? A film that looks like it would be, ‘okay’; low budget and a little cringe? Well this was one said film. I had been putting it off for the good part of a year and finally took the plunge! I wish I took it sooner, this film is one of a kind, messed up and totally amazing! Why I love it so much?! Well simply put, the film is messed up. I have watched enough films and series shows to know what is going to happen in most cases. I hate and love when I find a film that can challenge me! After the…

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