Milkshake Parlor, Yo.Co; Zante town!

Yo.Co, Zante town. So in 2015 after getting engaged in the amazing Diana Palace we decided to jump in a taxi and head to town before a romantic meal. The sun was blazing and we decided to look for somewhere to just relax and have a drink; that is when we came across Yo.Co. We thought it was just an ordinary yogurt and milkshake shop, wrong! They decide to mix different chocolates, fruits and even biscuits in to the milkshakes to really bring out your personality! Or if you want ice cream they will fill a tub up with any topping you want! We decided to have one Oreo milkshake with soft ice cream and the other a Ferrero Rocher milkshake, that was mine and it tasted divine! Who could have known sin tasted this good, we knew at that very moment that we would be making our way…

Diana Palace, hotel or paradise?

Welcome to my review on the tropical paradise wihtin Greece, known as the one and only Diana Palace! For the previous two years now I have been visiting this amazing island and staying at the best hotel around. I will of course be going back for the third time this year for a week of relaxation and wonder. The Diana Palace caters for everyone. The staff in the hotel make the whole expirence perfect, they are never without smiles on their faces and if you ever need anything they are always there to help and assist in any way. The girls on reception are always there to greet you and if you have any questions regarding the island they know it all. Then theres Dennis at the bar, he is amazing, never forgets what you are drinking and is always so helpful; don’t forget to tip. Trust me you will…