Obmar chocolate, the low calorie snack for all!

On my journey to lose weight I’m always on the look out for new snacks with low calories. You can check out my monthly weight loss report from March to find out how I lost a whole stone in a month! On my quest to lose weight and find the best snacks around I managed to stumble on Ombar, a low calorie chocolate! Too good to be true right? It’s totally true and one of the reasons why I’m going to be showcasing it in my April weight loss report. A bag of buttons is around 149 calories! How amazing is that, the perfect snack while on the go! So the buttons also have other added benefits for myself, dairy free being one of them. Dairy free chocolate is getting harder to come by even though companies are trying to keep up with modern trends and needs of the people.…

Benefit drinks, for a healthier body!

You may have seen that I’ve been trying to get into the weight loss spirit this year. I’m not planning on joining a boot camp and I don’t follow diets religiously. The plan is to eat healthier and exercise more. One thing stumps me however, when people are trying to lose weight they focus so much on what they’re eating but never what they’re drinking! I see people eating a salad and an energy drink! I mean the amount of sugar and calories in that drink easily cancels out the salad they are forcing themselves to eat! Obviously the first part is cutting out all these drinks, making sure you’re getting less calories and sugars in your life. Although you can cut out energy drinks and trade them for no sugar or zero drinks that’s only the first part! I find myself buying no added sugar drinks and feeling no…

Top places I use my NUS student discount.

Having an NUS card can be amazing, if you’re a student or just got one on the sly. You can use it in so many places. However I wanted to let you know some of my favourite places I use my NUS card and what I actually get when I use them. Having the card is all well and good but if you have no idea where you can use it, not so good! So sit back and enjoy the discounts. Oh, I’ve not been endorsed or sponsored by any of these companies, I just like bargains! Co-Op At the Co-Op you get 10% off your food shopping. Which is perfect for most students because it doesn’t matter what university you’re at, there’s normally a Co-Op lurking around the corner waiting for your hard earned student finance! It doesn’t matter if you’re a student or just a normal every day…

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