Phrases to avoid saying to people with mental health.

I suffer from Mental Health, something you may have picked up on if you read some of my posts. I have a whole section on Mental Health and anxiety actually so you should check that out. One thing I’m used to is people saying inappropriate stuff, offensive stuff and they don’t even know it. It’s even worse when they know what they’ve said and they don’t seem to care or they still think that they’re right. I mean what’s that all about. So I wanted to compile a list together, and turn it into a blog post. A list that will hopefully help someone not trip up on what they’re saying and make life a little easier for themselves, and because it helps people with Mental Health out a bit so they aren’t being hurt in the process. 1, It’s not just a symptom! I get so annoyed with people…

Melting away Anxiety with Spectrum Noir and Art!

Anxiety sucks, let’s just start there shall we. It never gets any easier and it happens when you least expect it to. Worst of all is how it leaves you feeling after. I have to point out though that anxiety can manifest in all sorts of ways. I get so anxious I don’t leave the house, I can have anxiety attacks when I’m out and want to come home or I can finally get the courage to say something at uni to get criticized for having an opinion, anxiety can strike and I’m in a bad, low mood all day. There are loads of ways in which you can deal with anxiety however and that’s something I really wanted to talk about over the next few months. I want to bring you all the different ways I deal with anxiety, starting with art. I love to draw, it doesn’t mean…