Coping Mechanisms


Combat stress with adult colouring books!

Stress can happen all the time, it doesn’t matter who you are. I deal with stress everyday and know a thing or two about battling it when I get the chance. You’ll find that most people who have diagnosed mental health as well will know the terrors that come with great amounts of stress, the more you have to deal with the more that it can effect your mental health conditions. You may have seen my post on the three ways that I deal with Anxiety? This is a little different though, there are loads of ways to combat stress and it would take me weeks and several hundred blog posts to talk about them all. I wanted to talk about one of the most effective ways that I use though. Adult colouring books. They have been around for a while now and personally I think they are so overlooked…

3 ways I cope with Anxiety and Mental Health, 2017 round up!

So I have loads of ways that I deal with Mental Health and mainly Anxiety. I’ve wrote a few blog posts and I wanted to compile one blog post to talk about everything that I’ve wrote about so far this year, possible a few from previous years as well. I just feel that if they’re in one place it’s easier for someone to get all the help they need. Also it saves you from having millions of tabs open, unless you dig deeper and have a look at the full blog posts. Let’s kick it off shall we. 1, Anxiety Comfort Box You may have seen me talk about my comfort box, if you want to know more then click on the link above. I’ll explain briefly for now though. Find a box in your house, it doesn’t have to be too big because otherwise it’s going to be difficult…