Should you follow the reselling trends?

In the world of reselling a lot can be confusing, you might not know what items to go for and sometimes it can be difficult to wade through the junk to find the diamonds! However in the life of reselling you will find that people often find the gems you have been looking for, you may get a little jealous but is it wise to keep a look out for these items? Most people would say yes, at a certain extent I would have to agree. Although you need to be careful, if you follow the trend and don’t cover your behind it could land you in trouble with a lot of dead stock! You might be thinking, how on earth can you determine if an item is worth buying? Well first of all if you have come across an item that everyone seems to be selling find out how…

Becoming a reseller, what it involves.

Becoming a reseller is of course a personal choice and everyone has their own reasons as to why they start. Before becoming a reseller however you need to think about if it’s really worth it and it you have the time. Reselling can be a busy job and you need to make sure you really know what you’re getting into before starting. I’ve found that becoming a reseller through eBay can be broken up into different areas and I wanted to go through them with you. I say eBay because I will never resell on Amazon again for various reasons which you can read about here. 1, Stock Sourcing To become a reseller you need to start sourcing stock. One place to get stock could be a charity shop, in a recent post I spoke about charity shops and if they are still worth visits. The other best place that…