Yazoo, Low calories and loads of fun!

When you hear about Yazoo you think milkshake! You might also think that it’s packed with calories, sugar and everything bad for you. So if you’re on a diet you’re going to avoid it right? Well thankfully you don’t need to anymore and I’m here to tell you how you can enjoy milkshake and not put on loads of weight! I didn’t think it was true either but I guess I got proved wrong! If you haven’t checked out my monthly weight loss reports I would suggest giving them a try. I started off going to the gym although soon found out that it’s more about what I’m eating and the amount of calories everything contained! So I obviously set of for yummy treats that I could have which wouldn’t pile the weight on! Thus Yazoo was discovered! So this particular chocolate Yazoo comes with no added sugar, which is…

Benefit drinks, for a healthier body!

You may have seen that I’ve been trying to get into the weight loss spirit this year. I’m not planning on joining a boot camp and I don’t follow diets religiously. The plan is to eat healthier and exercise more. One thing stumps me however, when people are trying to lose weight they focus so much on what they’re eating but never what they’re drinking! I see people eating a salad and an energy drink! I mean the amount of sugar and calories in that drink easily cancels out the salad they are forcing themselves to eat! Obviously the first part is cutting out all these drinks, making sure you’re getting less calories and sugars in your life. Although you can cut out energy drinks and trade them for no sugar or zero drinks that’s only the first part! I find myself buying no added sugar drinks and feeling no…