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UniBox Subscription Box ~ Unboxing and Review

UniBox Subscription Box ~ Unboxing and Review While increasing my followers on twitter and doing a few social media projects to help get the blog noticed that little bit more. Unibox started following me and they dropped me a message, we chatted and I told them that my partner is at university and that we are both bloggers, they asked me to order their box and do a review for them, so here it is. It has to be said that the communication side of unibox is superb. If you want to know anything they are there to help and will answer any questions you have! Louis studies a lot and gets extremely busy with university, so I wanted to get him something that would be different and cheer him up, especially as it is the end of the first semester so he has lots of deadlines for assignments. After…

NutFreeChox selection subscription, Yummy Delivery!

NutFreeChox Subscription Box. So this year I have decided to give subscription boxes a little go, they are all different and I love a nice surprise in the post! I decided to kick the year off with NutFreeChox. They deliver a subscription box every two months. Unlike other boxes where you pay for one every month. I love the fact that it is every other month as well, I mean most people are trying to lose weight in the new year and if you had chocolate every month; well there goes the diet! So this is a nice little treat to enjoy after all the hard work! So for just £18.49 you will get an amazing little selection of nut free chocolates! As you can see below this is what I received this January 2017. Now I must apologise, I know I should have taken a picture before eating a…