Safari World Bangkok, A day with animals!

A trip to Bangkok wouldn’t be a trip without visiting safari world, or at least that’s what we got told. We decided to check it out and see what the hype was about ourselves. To begin with I made sure I did my homework. We managed to book a ticket with a rep at the hotel for only 1,100 baht although ticket price at the park is 1,400 baht per adult. Happy with a good deal we got a taxi and off we went. If you’re getting a taxi, it’s a lot quicker to take the highway although you will end up having to pay the toll charges which are normally between 100-150 baht depending on which way. I would also advise making sure the taxi doesn’t wait for you while you’re going around the park, our taxi driver tried to make out that he stayed at the park for…

Bangkok Taxis, the Scam to watch out for

While in Bangkok we had to use a few taxis and at the start of the holiday this wasn’t a big deal. It wasn’t till a few days in when we went to safari world when we had an issue. So we went to Safari world for the day and got the hotel to book us a taxi as you do, saves time and hassle. We took the highway to the safari park, toll charges were 100baht on the way there which was a shock as we didn’t know about them! The taxi altogether cost us 400baht, we tipped around 20baht. We paid, got out and the driver drove away, as you would expect? Well after spending a good few hours in the park went left, the same taxi driver was there which we thought was weird but great timing. We got the highway back which this time the toll…

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