Celebrity Encounters, who I met and when!

Celebrities, So you may have noticed I go to a few Comic Conventions and meet a fair few. Well I wanted to tell you about some of the people I have met on my travels and if they really live up to their name, or if they are just a mean piece of work.

That being said not a lot of celebrities I have met are horrible. They are normally really nice and polite. They are human after all and not everyone is nice. I will start by showing you a few of the fantastic people I met at Wales Comic Con. I meet all the celebrities although only a few I will have a picture with and really talk to and they are the ones I want to highlight!

Gareth David-Lloyd, So I have wanted to meet Gareth for about 5 years now. He is the one reason I got into collecting autographs and going to comic conventions! To finally meet him was quite overpowering, I turned into a total fan and on the first day of the convetion I couldn’t say a word IMG_1894to him. Thankfully we had a weekend pass and went back the next day; I had a bit more confidence.

I decided to get a photo with him, had him sign my Torchwood box set and like a silly person I forgot my Dragon Age Xbox game for him to sign. Hopefully next time! Gareth is one of the nicest Celebs I have met to date, not just because he is hot as well; he is polite and down to earth! I already know what I want signing next time, let’s hope he is at the Wales comic convention in November!

Veronica Taylor, So I did have the opportunity to see Veronica before in Bournemouth, although I was unwell at the time and had to go home before I could see her. My other half went back however and got my Pokémon hat signed! Well when we decided to go to the Wales comic convention I just knew I had to meet her.

IMG_2032I have been a fan of Pokémon more than I can remember. I got a remote Pikachu for Christmas and knew I was going to get it signed. Veronica was amazing, she remembered my other half from Bournemouth and she was really polite. We had a nice long chat about, well pretty much everything. Best of all after our conversation and signing we decided to have a picture with her. I would totally meet her again even if only for a nice chat!

Hannah Spearritt, so although I have to admit and with no shame at all. I loved Hannah from S-club 7! Of course this wasn’t the reason I met her but if I meet her again I will have to dig out a few S-Club bits! I actually met Hannah because I wanted her to sign my Primeval box set. She is my favourite from the entire show, followed closely by Ben Mansfield (Captain Becket) as a very close second!


Hannah was amazing, she was very talkative and had such a caring, and bubbly personality. We of course had to get a photo with her and you can even see me holding my primeval box set. I think next time though I will need to get a picture with Ben!

Of course I met a lot more than 3 celebrities at the convention although I didn’t have a picture with everyone. I have to give a shout out to others though such as Elizabeth Webster who warned us that the next season of Game of Thrones was going to be a blood bath, no kidding! Jason Momoa, loved his nail varnish, strong hands and the brief chat. There where so many more to list but it was ace meeting Jesse from Storage Wars!


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