Save money this year at Aldi!

So you may have noticed I like a nice bargain. I hate spending too much money on anything and I look out for the best deal going! Christmas is no different, in fact I want bargains even more! Who doesn’t love food at Christmas? I eat way too much, I hate paying way too much though. I find that when it comes to Christmas supermarkets will put on amazing deals, deals that most of the time mean you spend even more! Not me!

I prefer to shop at Aldi. Not only are they fair but their prices are low. I hate it when people say that their food is low quality because it is cheap. WRONG! I have been shopping in Aldi for 3 years and I have to say I prefer most of their food more than the top leading supermarkets. When it comes to Christmas the Aldi range is amazing!

Chocolate orange mince pies! Who could say no to that? I didn’t, nor did we say no to salted caramel mince pies! They have so much amazing and fun food it is out of this world. Of course you would think mince pies come as standard but nope, they took it one step further and make heaven at Christmas!

Look I could talk about it all day but I don…. oh wait I did! Check out the video below to find out what I actually got for Christmas at Aldi and what you are missing out on. Find out how you could save and exactly how much.

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  1. paula cheadle Reply

    I shop at Aldi as well, it is really good food, the kids don’t complain which is a bonus.

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