Just how early is too early? I mean people save all year round for Christmas with these companies that take your money and give you vouchers in November, I’m not talking about that though. I’m talking about when is it actually okay to start buying Christmas presents. Personally in my case it depends on a few factors and I’m pretty shop most people will agree.


It all depends on the amount of space you have where you live. I mean we have a one bedroom flat with no storage so it’s a little more difficult for us, yet we still manage to have three boxes worth of present stored away already for Christmas 2018! They are packed away so they won’t be a pain and get in the way, which is the main thing.

If you have a lot of storage space wherever you live you might be in a better position to get more stuff, no matter when you buy it. Throughout the year, two days before Christmas or in the January sales!Which brings me to my next point!


I love buying presents for people, I also love buying presents when its January and everyone else is spoiling themselves on overpriced razors and fluffy socks they wish they’d got for Christmas! I ended up spending £40-£50 in the sales, I have most of the presents done for Christmas 2018 already.

Gifts that would have cost £5-£10 where 50% off and over! I mean there are some amazing sales to be had, I don’t mean on boxing day either. I feel that people have got so caught up in boxing days sales that everyone rushes out and buys it all! I prefer to wait at least a week after Christmas and then head on out into the sales. You’re going to find a lot more is over 50% off and you’re able to get a lot more for your money.

Check out these 3 tubs of sweets, I picked them up for £2.50 each and they’re supposed to be £5 retail. In fact they are still £3.99 in Aldi, I managed to get them at a cheaper price than Aldi. On top of that amazing saving, the date on them is way into 2019! These tubs are amazing to pick up and I’ve already packed them away ready for Christmas, who knows I might even keep one for myself to snack on.

3 tubs of sweets from the sales


The most important part of Christmas shopping is making sure that you save money. Which is why I love to hit the sales, I also hate shopping a week before Christmas. You would think that companies put on all these special deals to save money, in fact they just hike the prices up and make it look like they’re saving you a fortune! Which we found out all too well in 2017 when Argos got caught out by the amazing MiniMillionaire, when they hiked up their 3for2 promotion.

Earlier this week I spoke about Argos 3 for 2 that started today. However, some eagle eyed members of another group have…

Posted by The Mini Millionaire on Mittwoch, 27. September 2017

In my eyes Christmas shopping doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact the only expensive part that I find at Christmas happens to be the food shopping and if you’re saving up your clubcard points all year round then you should have a little bit to spend on food anyway, or like us keep the vouchers ready for the sale shopping!

I would also suggest joining some groups on Facebook so that you can keep an eye out for deals all year round. If you can buy stuff throughout the year then you’re more likely to get Christmas sorted. You’re also more likely to have more money around the Christmas period and in January when it’s hardest for the majority of people.

Christmas shopping, when is too early?

So that’s the question. When is too early, in my opinion; never. Christmas shop all year round to make sure you have everything you need for Christmas, when it comes to food I’d start buying in October/November. You can put things in the freezer and nibbles in the cupboards. If you budget £10-£20 a month depending on the size of the family, you’re going to be buying a lot less in December!

Just remember that Christmas can be a stressful time of year, so take steps all year round to save yourself time, money and keep yourself stress free at Christmas, or as much as possible anyway. If you can’t afford it though don’t fret, Christmas is about family and friends and although giving and receiving gifts might be nice it’s not all about that!

Christmas shopping, When is too Early?!

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