If you haven’t guess I mainly write about mental health and money which is great. However I see things all the time that bugs the noodles out of me! I hope that no one gets offended by this post and I’m not targeting anyone, just wanted to make that clear!

I’m always trying to read new blogs, mental health blogs especially, as someone with various mental health conditions it’s always great to find advice and stories that I can use and relate to. Although after reading quite a few mental health blogs I’ve found that there’s a few mistakes that mental health bloggers seem to be doing on a daily basis and it really bugs me and gets me running from their website as quick as I can!

Again I’ve got no specific blogs in mind when I write this but I’ve read enough blog posts to know what I see isn’t quite right. Here’s a short list of things that I feel mental health bloggers really need to focus on and work on when writing posts!

Do your research!

I’ve read so many blog posts that have advice in them, telling you what you need to do to make you feel happy or how not to spend money but getting bank accounts or saving it in investments or something along them lines. However when I’ve looked into companies a little that have been recommended, they’re terrible. I’ve also seen some terrible advice, one blog post told people to give into their urges and spend when they feel like it, I’m pretty sure that’s how people get into debt.

So if you’re a mental health blogger, PLEASE!! Research what you’re talking about! There’s nothing worse than giving bad advice and ruining someones life in the process! If I took half of the advice I read about I’d be in serious trouble right about now!

Don’t talk rubbish

If you’re going to write a blog post then have it make sense! They’re like stories, you’re not going to start a story about the countryside and describe the city for 28 chapters! IF you decide to write a post about how to save money when being on a mental health retreat, don’t be talking about cake the whole time. Make sure you have a start, middle and end! If you’re not keeping it mental health centered and keep it on track otherwise people are going to wander off and not come back!

Stay on topic

If you say you’re a mental health blogger then be a mental health blogger. It’s fine talking about other things, I mean I talk about weight, money and blogging as well. I’ve been to some websites that claim to be mental health bloggers and they have nothing about mental health!! I mean URGH!!

There you go then, three mistakes mental health bloggers love to make!! I’m pretty sure they’re not being done on purpose so don’t think that, however they’re things that need looking into because it gets readers to run away and you’re going to be losing out on views and no blogger wants that.

Mental health can be a difficult subject so you need to make sure you want to dive into the crazy world that it is. Have an idea of what you want to talk about and go from there because otherwise after a couple of months you’re going to get lost and run out of ideas and motivation! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think, agree or not?

Common Mistakes Mental Health Bloggers Make Daily!


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