Welcome to my monthly competitions win for April 2017. As you may have seen I love to enter competitions and do it regularly. I only enter competitions through twitter as it is the fastest and easiest way for myself although there are loads of ways to enter, check out my competitions post for more ideas.


So I have to admit that April was pretty boring, bland and empty when it comes to competition prizes. In fact I had problems with two prizes and one I am still waiting to receive with the brand ignoring me. Although you can see the full account in my April competition video.

What did I win?!

In short not a lot! Which is a big shame as I was entering to win lots of fabulous Easter eggs and prizes but alas that didn’t happen! In fact I only won four prizes overall which again is a big shame and I hope that May brings me so much more luck, with it being my birthday in may I am hoping that brings me some luck. Let me run through what I won with you.

A fish slicer ~ so I entered a competition for a fish slice with fish is the dish on twitter. I must point out that my other half won one a couple of months ago and we use fish slices to death in our flat so it is super handy that I have won another because it will be put to good use! Although as far as I am aware you are unable to buy these so I am even more excite about having it, great quality as well.

Doing it: lets talk about sex ~ So I am in two minds about this competition and I will tell you why. I had to wait a couple of weeks for the book to arrive which sucked. I mainly entered the competition because I love to read and I love anything signed. I have a very extensive collection of autographs so when I won this I was over the moon! When the book arrived though it was bent which is a big shame and then I discovered that in fact there was no autograph in the book at all. I contacted the company via twitter and they said they would look into it. A week has passed and I have not heard from them so I am a little disappointment.

On the flip side however I have to say that the book is a fantastic, superb read and I really enjoyed it! It is a funny, must read book that can be read pretty much anywhere and perfect for long journeys! Having sex wrote on the front cover may put a few people off though but I would totally recommend it. Took me a couple of days to complete and will prob lend it to my sister as she would find it hilarious!

Healthy abakus food snacks ~ So I was super happy when I won this competition and it totally makes up for the slow and unlucky month I was having! You might remember before I won some nuts and my partner had them and loved them. Well he has now laid claim to these for work! I have managed to save a few for myself as well. You can check them out on twitter and keep an eye out if there are any more competitions running! I will be, I have to say their favourite of mine has to be the crisps! I also must point out that the bags are amazing and perfect for on the go with the reseal option.

I love these snacks and have to say they are perfect if you are trying to cut back on unhealthy foods and slim down for summer. Once we have ran out of the snacks we won we will be getting some more. Did I mention I won 24 packs! I was over the moon considering I thought it was only a couple of packs! Check out my favourites below!

First aid kit: Lastly I got a first aid kit through the mail in April. The only problem I had was the eye solution leaked so I had to dry everything out in the bag. Thankfully everything was sealed and nothing was damaged, just needed to dry the bag out! I won this with WS Medical on twitter. I would insist you go and give them a follow and keep an eye out for more first aid kit competitions!

The end!

So there you have it! Like I said I really didn’t win that much which is a big shame but I have my fingers crossed for May and hopefully the prize I am still waiting for will finally turn up and I will be able to show you in June! I have been trying to win with Walkers crisp all month and am yet to hear anything so fingers crossed! I have really wanted to win a playstation with them as that would be amazing! I will keep trying however!

If you haven’t done so already check out my competition video for April below. I really hope you have enjoyed reading this months competition haul no matter how small it may have been. Let me know in the comments what you have been winning or if you are having a really slow month like myself.



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