I won quite a few goodies in June but so far July is turning out to be just as fun! Now that I have finished university for the summer I am able to enter a few more competitions and hopefully my chances will increase. If you haven’t already check out my 8 top tips for winning on Twitter, you may learn something new.

So here is what I won in July! Check out the video in the end to see them for yourself.

Rollover ~ Rollover normally do hotdogs, hotdogs that I have had before and loved; just needed to point that out! I won an amazing cool bag with them and have to say it is going to be perfect for bootsales and road trips! Also Baywatch theme! Really need to go see that film! I have to say I did win this in June but didn’t get it till July.

Brass Fox Bottle Opener ~ I won this amazing nifty little fox brass bottle opener with #WDYT on twitter. The opener is nice and solid and would make a nice little gift that’s for sure!

TG Green Tea ~ I got an amazing tea bundle from TG Tea and I have to say they are super yummy! Check them out in the video below but if you get some you won#t be disappointed!

Chocolate Buttons!! ~ So I was over the moon when I saw that I won a car full of chocolate buttons from we buy any car! They might not be white chocolate but my brother will love them all the same! I would eat them all up myself but my calorie counting diet ready for Bangkok says no! You can see my reaction on the size in the video at the bottom! You may be surprised!

Wicked T-shirt ~ So I won this wicked T-shirt through @NewYorkerBeer although the largest they had was a large which looks like a UK small so I think it might be a while before I can wear it! It is really nice though as you can see in the video below.

My hauls not been huge this month as we are getting ready for our Bangkok holiday. I also had a week without the internet! When you are a blogger 1 week can seem like a lifetime and we are still having problems connecting devices. I can’t wait to give the buttons in the car to my brother when he is back from holiday!

What have you been winning this month? Anything nice or something a bit naff? Check out my videos and don’t forget to subscribe for more.

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