So may has been a busy kind of month so I haven’t been able to enter competitions as much as I would have liked! That being said I have still managed to win a few along the way and the ones that I have one have been out of this world! One in particular really made me smile! I am however having problems with my camera so a competition video for May isn’t going to happen. I hope you find out everything you need to know in this post though! So without keeping you waiting any longer, let me run through everything that I won in May!

Bad Rhino!

So yet again I managed to win with Bad Rhino! They are amazing it has to be said, the clothes that they produce are comfortable and suit me really well. I have purchased from others websites before and the clothes just aren’t up to scratch. I decided to wear the outfit that I won from Bad Rhino (Jeans and T-shirt) to a concert that I won, which you can find out more about in a sec. The clothes, perfect for the whole night! Thank you Bad Rhino, I would recommend them to anyone to be fair!

Candle making book!

So I am an arts and crafts fan and whenever I have free time which isn’t a lot, I like to make and create! I was thrilled when I won this book as I have always wanted to learn how to make candles as I always have so much left over wax and wanted to know if I could use this up and not have to throw it away. The book is so informative and would also make an excellent little gift for Christmas which is fast approaching! I will drop the link below if you want to check it out for yourself!


Thank you so much ao! So you would have seen that BGT is sponsored by ao and they decided to host a quick competition for VIP tickets on their twitter. Well I decided to enter and at the end the tweet only had 91 retweets and a handful of us got picked! The tickets included an overnight stay in the premier inn and breakfast the next morning, all we had to do was get there. I won 4 tickets and was so over the moon!

We got taxis to the studio and got greeted by an amazing green room with free drinks! Although the night was fantastic, standing up every 3 seconds to cheer got a bit boring after an hour but nothing comes without strings! Overall the night was fantastic! I would have loved to of filmed although we weren’t allowed which was a big shame!

So there you have it, although I didn’t win much what I did win was really nice and well received. That is what comping is all about, if you don’t win something for yourself you can easily gift it to another. I hope that I win a few more bits in June and get the camera sorted so that I can show you all how happy I am to be winning them!  If you liked the post and want to get into comping don’t forget to check out my comping post.

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